PM Modi claims Jammu and Kashmir elections mark new era of peace, no fear of terrorism

PM Modi claims Jammu and Kashmir elections mark new era of peace, no fear of terrorism

In a rally at Udhampur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed a new era in Jammu and Kashmir, emphasising the ongoing elections as a sign of progress. He also challenged the Congress on Article 370, asserting its reinstatement is not possible.

Story highlights
  • PM Modi claims a new era in Jammu and Kashmir, stating the ongoing elections are proof of progress without fear of terrorism.
  • Modi challenges political parties, particularly the Congress, on Article 370's reinstatement.
  • He draws attention to completed developmental projects and efforts to redirect resources for local development.

In a significant address at a public rally in Udhampur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi heralded a new era in Jammu and Kashmir, highlighting the ongoing elections as a testament to the region's progress without the looming shadows of terrorism and cross-border threats.

“After decades, elections are happening in Jammu and Kashmir without fear of terrorism and threat of cross-border firing”, says Modi.

He further issued a challenge to political opponents, particularly targeting the Congress party regarding Article 370. "I challenge any political party, especially Congress, to get back Article 370. They cannot do it," asserted PM Modi.

"This election is not just to elect MPs but this is an election to form a strong government in the country," PM Modi emphasized, articulating the broader significance of the electoral process. He continued, "When the government is strong, it completes the work by challenging the challenges," narrating a vision of robust governance capable of overcoming obstacles.

Drawing attention to developmental initiatives, PM Modi claimed the successful completion of projects that had long been stalled. "Modi ki guarantee yani guarantee pura hone ki guarantee," he declared, referring to the commitment to deliver on promises made to the people. He cited the example of the Shahpurkandi Dam, which had languished for decades but was finally completed under his administration's leadership, benefiting farmers and addressing water scarcity in Jammu.

Reflecting on past neglect, PM Modi remarked, "The fields of the farmers of Jammu were dry and the villages were in darkness, but our water of Ravi was going to Pakistan." He highlighted the government's efforts to redirect resources towards local development, ensuring that essential resources like water are utilized for domestic needs.

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Published On: Apr 12, 2024