Tripura border residents demand government for land allocation within territory

Tripura border residents demand government for land allocation within territory

Residents of Joypur area in Tripura's West District, living beyond the border fence, have appealed for land within Tripura territory. Despite residing beyond the fence, they cast their votes in the West Parliamentary Constituency.


Fulbanu Begum, a 40-year-old resident of Tripura residing beyond the barbed wire fencing has appealed to the government for provision of land within Tripura territory, which she believes would afford her the opportunity to lead peaceful lives and sustain their livelihoods without hassle.

Like Fulbanu, there are around 50 people living beyond the barbed wire fencing in the Joypur area under Tripura’s West District who can cast their votes in the West Parliamentary Constituency.

For Fulbanu and her kin, the right to cast their votes in the West Parliamentary Constituency is not merely a civic duty but a testament to their unwavering spirit. 

Despite the challenges posed by their residence beyond the fence, the Border Security Force (BSF) stands as a guiding light, opening gates early during elections and offering support to ensure that their voices are heard. 

Tripura shares an 856 km long international border, where around 2000 voters reside beyond the fence, especially in Sepahijala District and West District.

Speaking with India Today NE, Fulbanu Begum praised the role of the Tripura Government and BSF for their assistance. Stating that crossing the border is a tough task for her family, she said, “We are living beyond the fence in Tripura. We don’t have any major problems. But my husband and son are daily wage laborers, and due to security concerns, they have to return before 6 PM when the border gate is locked. The government has many vacant lands. If they could provide us with some, we could shift from the Bangladesh side to the Indian side, enabling us to earn more for our livelihood. We are very poor and don’t even have enough money to buy land. This is what we want from the government – to provide us with land for our survival.” 

Begum further stated that the Tripura government has resolved some of their problems. “The BSF and Tripura government assist us. But the main issue is land. My husband is a rickshaw puller, and my son is a painter, so they have to return before six, or else the gate will be locked. We live alone here. That's why we want land on the Indian side,” she added.

Meanwhile, Idhan Mia, 60, expressed, “I feel good to cast my vote, and I encourage others to do the same. As we live on the other side of the fence, I came here first, and then my wife and other family members will go. We don’t face any issues, but obtaining land in India would be really helpful for us. I am very ill and unable to work or move properly.”

Md. Suman Mia, 32, who cast his vote today by crossing the barbed wire fencing, has returned home after spending 8 years in Saudi Arabia.

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: Apr 19, 2024