Ariana mania to hit Weverse soon

Ariana mania to hit Weverse soon

Pop sensation Ariana Grande is joining Weverse, a platform initially created for BTS, stirring excitement among fans. The move is expected to boost engagement and possibly set new records.

Ariana mania to hit Weverse soon Ariana mania to hit Weverse soon

Social media is buzzing as pop icon Ariana Grande gears up to launch her channel on the superfan platform Weverse.

Discussions are already raging about what pandemonium her arrival might unleash. 

Weverse was initially created solely for the K-pop juggernauts BTS, who were the first to join the platform. Their impact has been seismic, with members like Jungkook's room concerts crashing the app repeatedly due to millions of ARMY members tuning in at once.

While other artistes like BLACKPINK joined the Weverse party two years ago, BTS remains unmatched in their engagement. They're the only group offering free, no-frills live streams regularly, steering clear of typical fan service gimmicks.

As Ariana gears up to launch, the question on everyone's mind is: Can her Grande presence surpass the BTS pandemonium? With the current Ariana-mania, one can expect a steady influx of followers, and who knows, maybe even a new engagement record. 

Arianators can prepare for an immersive experience as their idol connects through interactive content, live streams, and exclusive merch drops. It is about to get Grande(r) on Weverse.

Edited By: Aparmita
Published On: Jun 15, 2024