Arijit Singh's Nail clipping incident draws criticism, netizen say 'unprofessional'

Arijit Singh's Nail clipping incident draws criticism, netizen say 'unprofessional'

Indian playback singer Arijit Singh draws criticism after clipping his nails onstage at a recent concert in Dubai. The incident has sparked a debate on social media, with fans expressing their disappointment and disapproval.

Arijit Singh criticised for clipping nails onstage during Dubai concert Arijit Singh criticised for clipping nails onstage during Dubai concert

Arijit Singh, the celebrated playback singer, found himself at the center of a social media storm following a recent concert in Dubai, where a video capturing him clipping his nails onstage has gone viral, drawing widespread criticism from fans and netizens alike.

The footage, circulating on various social media platforms including Instagram, captured Singh mid-performance, seemingly engaged in the task of trimming his nails. This unexpected behavior during a live performance has sparked a debate online, with many labeling it as 'highly unprofessional.'

Comments flooding in on social media platforms reflected the disappointment and disapproval of fans. While some expressed disbelief and disappointment, others criticized the singer for what they perceived as a lack of respect for his audience and the concert environment.

However, amidst the backlash, there were also voices attempting to offer context to the situation. One individual, claiming to have attended the concert, defended Singh, suggesting that the nail clipping may have been necessary due to difficulties he encountered while playing the guitar.

This incident comes hot on the heels of another viral moment from the same concert, where Singh initially failed to recognize renowned actor Mahira Khan, who was present among the audience. Despite the initial oversight, Singh gracefully acknowledged Khan, expressing gratitude for her presence.

On Instagram, Khan herself shared her admiration for Singh's performance, praising not only his talent but also his humility as an artist.

Singh's recent controversies aside, his musical prowess continues to receive accolades and recognition. His rendition of 'Kesariya' from the upcoming film 'Brahmastra' recently achieved a significant milestone, becoming the first Indian song to surpass 500 million streams on Spotify, further solidifying his status as one of the most influential voices in the Indian music industry.

While the nail clipping incident may have marred his recent performance, Arijit Singh's enduring popularity and musical achievements remain undisputed, leaving fans hopeful for more memorable performances in the future.

Edited By: Puja Mahanta
Published On: May 07, 2024