Arunachal girl shines as Miss VogueStar India 2024

Arunachal girl shines as Miss VogueStar India 2024

Duyir Ete, a law graduate from Arunachal Pradesh, outshined over 70 contestants to win the Miss VogueStar India 2024. Her journey to the crown was marked by rigorous online training and mentoring.

Arunachal girl shines as Miss VogueStar India 2024 Arunachal girl shines as Miss VogueStar India 2024

Duyir Ete, a name that now sparkles with the crown of Miss VogueStar India 2024, is from the quaint Darka Village in Aalo West Siang district, Arunachal Pradesh. A journey that began with aspirations in law, now finds its pinnacle in the glitz and glamour of the fashion world. Graduating from Gauhati University with a law degree, Ete's fervour for fashion and her staunch advocacy for women's empowerment led her onto a path where the courtroom met the runway.

Her preparations for the pageant were meticulous and thorough, undergoing rigorous online training and mentoring sessions since September.

Speaking to India Today NE, Duyir recounted the arduous yet exhilarating road to the Miss VogueStar India 2024 crown. "Preparing for the pageant wasn't just about perfecting my catwalk or mastering my poses; it was about delving deeper into myself, understanding my strengths, and embracing my uniqueness."

Held from April 11 to 16 in Jaipur, the defining moment came on April 13, amidst the grandeur of the pageant's finale. Amongst the three rounds - City, State, and National - Ete emerged as a shining star, outshining more than 70 contestants from across the country. 

"With every round, I pushed myself to go beyond my limits, to showcase not just my external beauty but the essence of who I am," Duyir reminisced, her voice brimming with pride.

In the final moments, a question pierced the air, seeking insight into her inspiration. "When they asked me about my inspiration, there was no hesitation. My mother's journey through child marriage was one of unimaginable hardships, however, her resilience, and unwavering spirit in the face of adversity, have always been my guiding light," Duyir shared, her eyes reflecting the depth of her emotions.

This wasn't Ete's maiden voyage into the world of beauty pageants. In 2011, she graced the stage of Miss Beauty of Arunachal Pradesh, clinching the title and Best Catwalk accolades. From there, her journey evolved, weaving through the corridors of academia to the dazzling lights of the runway.

Reflecting on her metamorphosis from lawyer to slayer on the ramp, Ete reminisced about her humble beginnings as a high school student. Despite the allure of the pageant world, she prioritised education, earning both her BA degree and a law degree. Yet, the fire within her foray into the world of fashion and beauty led to her eventual transformation.

As the winner, Ete's triumph wasn't merely confined to the crown but extended to exclusive opportunities. Collaborations with prestigious brands like BMW Sanghi Classic and luxurious hampers from ISAAC LUXE adorned her victory, adding an extra layer of prestige to her journey.

"The prizes are just the cherries on top," she quipped with a smile. "The real reward lies in the journey itself - the lessons learned, the friendships forged, and the memories cherished."

In the annals of her adventure, Ete extended heartfelt gratitude to her mentors, especially celebrity fashion director and stylist, Sunny Kumble, and Kavita. Their guidance not only honed her skills but also fueled her aspirations to soar higher in the realm of fashion and beauty.

From a small-town girl with big dreams to a beacon of hope for aspiring youth, Ete's journey resonates with inspiration. "To all the young girls out there, especially in my state Arunachal Pradesh and the northeast, I say this - dream boldly, work tirelessly, and never let anyone dim your light".

Edited By: Aparmita
Published On: Apr 23, 2024