Assamese film 'Xoixobote Dhemalite' shortlisted for ‘Oscars of Sound’

Assamese film 'Xoixobote Dhemalite' shortlisted for ‘Oscars of Sound’

Xoixobote Dhemalite Xoixobote Dhemalite

Guwahati, January 19, 2019:

Assam Director Bidyut Kotoky’s ‘Xoixobote Dhemalite’ has been nominated for a major award and is on the verge of adding one more feather to its cap.

The film, Xoixobite Dhemali, is just a step away from getting nominated for the MPSE “Golden Reels Award” in the Foreign Film category which concedes the year's best work in the various areas of sound editing: Dialogue, ADR, Effects, Foley and Music.

The film, Xoixobite Dhemali is all set to be released on the eighth of February, and the film has already won numerous awards like the Best Narrative Feature in Erie International Film Festival, Pennsylvania, Best Screenplay Award at Treasure Coast International Film Festival in Florida, among others.

Mr Bidyut Kotoky, Director of Xoixobote Dhemali said: “We always believe that in Xoixobote Dhemali (Rainbow Fields) we are making a world cinema in Assamese language. Recognition of such kind reinforces our belief”

Founded in 1953, Motion Picture Sound Editors (M.P.S.E.) is an honorary society of motion picture sound editors. The 66th Annual Golden Reel Awards will be held on February 17, 2019 which will honour the sound editorial for the year 2018. This is one of the most prestigious awards in field of sound.

For the very first time, an Assamese movie has been shortlisted for nominations for this prestigious award. The jury panel of MPSE shall decide the nominations among the shortlisted films and the list shall be declared by next week.

Speaking on the occasion the sound designer of the film, Mr Amrit Pritam said, “The film is shot in two different time frames, the present and the 1980s. While designing the sound for the film, I have mostly used ambience sounds like rain, wind, cultivation sounds like ploughing etc. Since the film involves childhood, hence I also had to keep in mind the kind of sounds that would help children develop interest in the film and make it relevant. It is a great honour for the film industry that Xoixobote Dhemali (Rainbow fields) is shortlisted for the award”.

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Published On: Jan 20, 2019