Bhaskar Hazarika’s ‘Aamis’ to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival, 2019

Bhaskar Hazarika’s ‘Aamis’ to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival, 2019

A still from 'Aamis' A still from 'Aamis'

Guwahati, March 9, 2019

National award-winning director Bhaskar Hazarika’s Assamese feature film ‘Aamis (Ravening)’ will be premiered at the 18th edition of the Tribeca Film Festival 2019 scheduled to take place from April 24 to May 5. ‘Aamis’ is the first Assamese language film to be selected at the prestigious festival and the only Indian feature film among the 103 films that will be screened at the festival which will be held in Manhattan, New York City. It is to be mentioned that 'Aamis' is Hazarika’s second film after the high-acclaimed horror anthology ‘Kothanodi’.

The official synopsis of the film on crowdfunding website Wishberry reads: “Nirmali, a married Paediatrician in her late 30s, leads a peaceful but joyless domestic existence in Guwahati, Assam. One day, she meets Suman, a young Ph.D. student researching food habits in northeastern India, who warms up to her in a manner she seems unaccustomed to. Suman’s work exposes him to the belief that there’s no kind of food that can be considered abnormal, and Nirmali is drawn to this idea. The two quickly discover that they have a shared love for food – specifically, meat. Together, they bond over meals comprising unusual meats on platonic dates, although Suman longs for some sort of physical contact. As Nirmali’s tastebuds grow more adventurous, their relationship takes a dark and bizarre turn.”

The cast of the film includes Sattriya dancer Lima Das and Assamese actor and singer Arghadeep Baruah. ‘Aamis’ has a running time of 147 minutes.

‘Aamis’ has been produced by Poonam Deol of Signum Productions and Shyam Bora of Metanormal motion pictures and Wishberry Films. It is being directed and written by Bhaskar Hazarika

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Published On: Mar 09, 2019