BTS gears up for another Festa with Jungkook's new single 'Never Let Go'

BTS gears up for another Festa with Jungkook's new single 'Never Let Go'

BTS starts their annual Festa celebrations with a special gift for ARMY - Jungkook's new single 'Never Let Go'. This event, filled with performances and exclusive content, marks a significant moment in their journey.

BTS gears up for another Festa with Jungkook's new single 'Never Let Go' BTS gears up for another Festa with Jungkook's new single 'Never Let Go'

Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) is gearing up to spoil their fans with a lineup of thrilling surprises as they countdown to Festa, their annual celebration. This year promises to be unforgettable, with Jungkook Jeon, the group's youngest member, leading the charge in spectacular fashion.

On June 7, Jungkook will drop his new song, "Never Let Go," his first solo track of the year. This release coincides with the 10th anniversary of BTS's iconic album "Dark & Wild," adding an extra layer of excitement for fans. Known for his smooth yet powerful vocals, Jungkook shines both in his solo work and as a key member of BTS, where each member adds something special to the group's unique sound and dynamic.

The 'Golden Maknae's' 2023 album "Golden" was a major hit, featuring collaborations with Major Lazer, Jack Harlow, Latto, and DJ Snake. Following the album's release, he thrilled fans with a free mini concert, showcasing his versatility and deep connection with ARMY. Earlier this year, he also lent his voice to "I Wonder" on J-Hope's album "Hope On The Street Vol. 1."

Jungkook has a tradition of gifting ARMY with heartfelt songs. In 2022, he released "My You," and in 2020, just ahead of Festa, he dropped "Still With You." These releases highlight BTS's unique way of connecting with their fans through music made just for them on their anniversary.

"Never Let Go" is described by Big Hit Music as a heartfelt dedication to ARMY, carrying a deep message of enduring connection and gratitude. This emotional track is sure to strike a chord with fans, adding to the anticipation surrounding its release.

Festa, which commemorates BTS' debut on June 13, will begin two weeks earlier in Seoul, South Korea. This year's festivities will be extra special, with Jin, the first member to complete his mandatory military service, taking center stage. HYBE and Big Hit Music have announced that Jin will embrace 1,000 fans onsite, fulfilling his heartfelt wish to personally connect with them.

The annual Festa includes a series of events, special performances, and exclusive content spread over several days, celebrating BTS' incredible journey and their unique bond with ARMY. Despite the members currently fulfilling their military duties, they planned everything ahead of time, ensuring the celebrations continue seamlessly. The anticipation and love from ARMY continue to grow, making this year's Festa a momentous occasion that highlights the unbreakable connection between BTS and their fans.

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Published On: Jun 03, 2024