Hanumanor Sadhu: A satirical tale set in Pre-Independence era

Hanumanor Sadhu: A satirical tale set in Pre-Independence era

National Award-winning filmmaker Prabin Hazarika is set to release his latest film 'Hanumanor Sadhu', a satirical story set in pre-independence India. The film is a remake of a TV show aired on Guwahati Doordarshan in 1994.

Prabin Hazarika's Latest Assamese Film 'Hanumanor Sadhu' Ready for Release Prabin Hazarika's Latest Assamese Film 'Hanumanor Sadhu' Ready for Release

National Award-winning filmmaker Prabin Hazarika is now all set to release his latest full-length Assamese feature film 'Hanumanor Sadhu' - a satirical story set in the pre-independence era. 
After nearly two years of preparation, Hazarika has endeavoured to explore a theme which is starkly different from his directorial debut - the 2014 release 'Sringkhal'.

The film's story, based on an acclaimed work of the same name by the state's progressive writer, columnist, political analyst, publisher, scriptwriter and film critic Pabitra Kumar Deka, was aired on Guwahati Doordarshan in two episodes to massive popularity in 1994. People welcomed the story, portrayed with a lot of humour, which was contagious and refreshing in its time, and is still quite fresh in memory, in addition to the idiosyncratic performances, the setting and the location, that helped to reproduce a bygone era quite effectively. 

Set around 1935-1940, in the pre-independence era of India, the story of 'Hanumanor Sadhu' depicts an unusual rural incident, although imaginary, which actually lies at it's very heart, when the British Raj was at its apogee, and the lengths to which obsequious flatterers would go to suck up to the whims and fancies of the white sahib. 

The story mocks the vested interests of a section of the society's opportunists and their sycophantic politics. Although set during the pre-independence times, the story is as relevant today as it was then. 
Not surprisingly, the serial was repeatedly shown on Doordarshan on popular demand.

This movie version is being produced by noted producer Mrinal Bin Qutub under the banner of Jeuti Production. Pabitra Kumar Deka and Prabin Hazarika co-wrote the screenplay and dialogues, with Hazarika overseeing the story expansion. 

Following the completion of shooting, the film is currently undergoing post-production works. Niranjan Gogoi handles editing, while Minakshy Bhagawaty and Jiten Boro share cinematography duties. Manash Hazarika composes the music. Shot in various locations including Kujidah of Hatichung in Nagaon district, Phulaguri, Petborha, Jakaruwa, Mahgarh, Dhemaji village among others, the film boasts a cast of over 30 actors playing different characters. 

The various roles in 'Hanumanor Sadhu' are enacted by Upakul Bordoloi, Hiranya Deka, Bill Richmond (Shillong), Babul Bhagawati, Jiten Bora, Bhabajit Kumar Saikia, Ashru Moni Bora, Suagmoni Mahanta, Mousam (Nipu) Bora, Utpal Kalita, Dulon Bora, Prakash Bora, Riya Goswami, Susmita Saikia, Kumud Medhi, Manorama Saikia, Monalisha Deka, Prarthana Saikia, Mithu Hazarika, Priyam Saikia, Ripon Bagish, Dibyajyoti Medhi, Priyam Kalita, Pabitra Kakati, Arup Deka, Kaushik Saikia, Manoranjan Nath, Krishna Deka, Poran Das, Deva Bordoloi, etc. 

The film's chief assistant director is Indra Mohan Das, assistant director is Manash Gogoi. The film's production controller is Parama Hazarika. 

Prabin Hazarika, who established himself as a filmmaker with a distinctive quality, emerged into the scene with the documentary 'Hastir Kanya', based on the life and works of legendary folk singer Pratima Barua Pandey, which won the National Award for best biographical film in 1997. 'Hastir Kanya' was followed by 'Sringkhal' in 2014, which was based on a short story by Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia. Both the films earned him substantial critical praise for their execution and visual aesthetics, which is strong and distinctive. 

With 'Hanumanor Sadhu', Hazarika strives to entertain audiences of all ages. Through satire, the film aims to raise awareness about social issues and inspire action to prevent their recurrence.  

One thing for sure is that this movie, which promises a hilarious exploration of social dynamics, is going to be a refreshing change from the usual potboilers that the public is often served.

Edited By: Puja Mahanta
Published On: Apr 22, 2024