Hindi film 'Kooki' infused with Assamese art and culture set to premiere on June 28 in India, Nepal

Hindi film 'Kooki' infused with Assamese art and culture set to premiere on June 28 in India, Nepal

The highly anticipated film 'Kooki' is set to release on June 28 across 100 cinema halls in Assam and globally. The film, written by Dr. Junmoni Khaund, delves into the challenges faced by a teenage girl, advocating for a stronger justice system and societal awareness.

Story highlights
  • 'Kooki' premieres on June 28 in 100 theatres across India, including Assam, and internationally.
  • The film addresses the protection of adolescent girls and young women, directed by Pranab J Deka.
  • 'Kooki' features Riteisha Khaund and a star-studded cast, with music by Pallab Tamuli and Sauravjyoti Mahanta.

The highly anticipated Hindi film 'Kooki' is set to hit the screens on June 28, captivating audiences across 100 cinema halls in Assam, as well as nationally and internationally. Combining elements of Assamese art and culture, 'Kooki' delves into the raw and brutal reality faced by a teenage protagonist.

Describing 'Kooki' as more than just a film, Dr. Junmoni Khaund, the story writer, emphasizes its role as a movement to bring attention to the pressing need for a stringent justice system and heightened societal awareness. The film's narrative underscores the urgent need to protect adolescent girls and young women from adverse environmental conditions, mirroring the experiences of the character 'Kooki.'

The grand release on June 28 will see the film premiering in 100 theaters across India, including Assam, with simultaneous screenings in neighboring Nepal. Furthermore, 'Kooki' will be rolled out in a phased manner in cinema halls across countries such as America, Canada, Indonesia, France, among others.

The launch event witnessed the presence of acclaimed film director Samarendra Narayan Dev, adding to the anticipation surrounding the film's release. 'Kooki' stars Riteisha Khaund in the titular role, alongside renowned actors from Mumbai such as Rajesh Tylang, Ritu Shivpuri, Devoleena Bhattacharya, Deepanvita Sharma, Bodhisattva Sharma, Vibhutibhushan Hazarika, Manoj Barkatki, Mrigendra Narayan Konwar, Kamal Lochan, and Banadeep Sharma.

Directed by Pranab J Deka, the film boasts cinematography by Gyan Gautam, music by Pallab Tamuli and Sauravjyoti Mahanta, editing by Jhulan Krishna Mahanta, and sound contributions from Amrit Pritam (Mumbai) for sound addition and Debjit Sangma (Mumbai) for sound mixing. 'Kooki' promises to be a compelling cinematic experience that sheds light on important societal issues while captivating audiences worldwide with its narrative and performances.

Edited By: sanchayaita roy
Published On: Jun 09, 2024