How Tripura's first women band caught nation's eye by breaking societal norms

How Tripura's first women band caught nation's eye by breaking societal norms

Moon Saha, founder of a women's band in Tripura, uses music to rebel against societal norms that restrict women in the field of music. Despite initial skepticism, they have found success and are now looking to expand their influence further.

How Tripura's first women band caught nation's eye by breaking societal norms How Tripura's first women band caught nation's eye by breaking societal norms

Moon Saha, a dreamer and a proud Meghbalika, formed a women's band to fight societal barriers that hindered girls from dreaming independently in the field of music.

She used social media to contact potential members, and despite initial skepticism from others, she persisted. The band started performing shows outside of Agartala and even at the state level.

Saha who envisions creating more songs with social awareness messages and plans to establish an affordable music institution had a chit-shat with IndiaTodayNE about the band.

At first we want to know who is Moon Saha?

If I Say from emotion then I will say Moon Saha is that girl who love to dream and determine to fulfilling it. Moreover the identity that she likes to give proudly is that she is one Meghbalika.

How did the idea of a women band came into your mind?

When creative and independent thoughts are interrupted by all social boredom, then efforts to fight against it are doubled. In our society Before girls were developed in the cultural world, they become Suitable for marriage, for that reason girls can't dream independently. I was also the subject to such obstacles. Since then I determine that girls will dreams equally not only in music but also in musical instruments. From that thought I took the first step for MEGHBALIKA.

3. How did you gather your fellow women artists to your group?

One by one I kept contacting by Social Media. I used to search many of those profiles who had picture with any instrument. We started doing the first program with 5 members. Then we are currently 10 to participate one by one.

How was your initial days in music?

In the beginning when I told every one about our team about our dream, they laughed and said Girls group don’t last long, think something else. some of them Said it will be very difficult to stand against some social barriers. Now
our experience says This path is really difficult but we didn't give up.

You start your first step by performing shows on the outskirts of Agartala. How was the journey?

I could not believe it at first that Meghbalika is now performing outside of the city. When people Come with excitement to meet after shows and ask where you are from. We used to say proudly that We are the first Female Band from Tripura. Now we do events beyond the city and at the State level as well. This joy gives us more Strength to explore.

Which was your breakthrough song?

Our 2nd own composition that we released to draw a picture of our society'sview about girls, the name "Ami sei Meye". We marked this song as our turning point. Moreover a few special song appeals come on every stage, which have become our favourite too.

What is the current music scenario of Tripura?

Tripura has always been cultural many arts are born here, they make artists. Due to which both quality and quantity of Programs / Events have increased day by day. Many events are held in this state for the youth generation. For
that reason, many artists of new generation are coming forward with their creative arts.

Is the government of Tripura is in support of the growth of the music industry?

If you do not get the support of the government in the past days then we would not be able to perform events regularly. The Government is constantly bringing new projects for the younger generation. So we also get the
opportunity to do various events.

What are your next projects?

First of all, Every year "Ragaল োক" that means our annual event is most highlighted project for us. Moreover, if we talk about the future projects then I want to say that in coming days we want to make more of our own songs, Most of which will be social awareness. If we walk a little further into the future, we will say, In the coming days, We have plans to open an institution where at low cost Everyone regardless of age can learn music.

Is Tripura is a music-friendly state?

Of course, Tripura is a music-friendly state, But everywhere there are people who pull back, We don't care about that, We often say that one day they will love to listening our music. Because we believe, We could not have emerged from this small state without everyone's support

Edited By: Puja Mahanta
Published On: Nov 10, 2023