“It is sad that Sarba da’s title has been changed to Jatiya Khalnayak”: Zubeen Garg

“It is sad that Sarba da’s title has been changed to Jatiya Khalnayak”: Zubeen Garg

Zubeen Garg Zubeen Garg

Guwahati, January 8, 2019:

Assam witnessed the ultimate phase of the protest against the amendment of the controversial citizenship Amendment Bill as citizens took to the streets to express their disgust at the jati-threatening Bill. While the whole state was engulfed in protests against the controversial Bill, the Modi led BJP government has raised the discussion of the citizenship amendment Bill in both houses of the Parliament.

Meanwhile, Assam music heartthrob Zubeen Garg, who is popularly known for his strong opinion on Jatiyotabad, also raised his objection against the bill. Addressing the Chief Minister as ‘Sarba Da’, his statement read, “The Citizenship Bill will never be accepted. I have been hearing since my childhood that Bangladeshis will be weeded out of Assam and it saddens me that the people who were a part of the agitation against Bangladeshi encroachers are now part of the government and pushing for the passage of the Bill.”

“It is a saddening to see that Sarbananda Sonowal, who was once given the tag of ‘Jatiya Nayak’ is now being given the tag of ‘Jatiya Khalnayak’. There are more important issues to look after rather than sitting beside Prime Minister Narendra Modi and clapping his hands. He (Sonowal) might not be ashamed of his act, but we are,” Zubeen added.

Commenting on the bandh, Zubeen said: “We were duped by Sarba da, Modi and BJP. I don’t support bandhs, but when leaders don’t stand by us we have no other choice. I hope for a better result once I came back from the weeklong tour. Otherwise I will fight alone. When everyone is protesting, I request the government to think over the Bill again. I don’t understand govt or politics, but I know the identity of the indigenous Axomiya jati.”