Jungkook keeps promise with solo 'Never Let Go' ahead of BTS Festa

Jungkook keeps promise with solo 'Never Let Go' ahead of BTS Festa

Jeon Jungkook of BTS has released his solo track 'Never Let Go' on June 7, fulfilling a promise made during a 2023 Weverse live session. The song is a heartfelt dedication to ARMY, showcasing Jungkook's gratitude and commitment.

Jungkook keeps promise with solo 'Never Let Go' ahead of BTS Festa (Credit: BigHit (Song Cover art); Screenshot from song performance of 2022) Jungkook keeps promise with solo 'Never Let Go' ahead of BTS Festa (Credit: BigHit (Song Cover art); Screenshot from song performance of 2022)

Jeon Jungkook of BTS released "Never Let Go" on June 7, just a week before Festa, fulfilling a promise he made during a 2023 Weverse live after being moved to tears by a song ARMY had written for BTS. With eyes glistening, he vowed to give ARMY a gift in return. True to his word, an announcement last week revealed "Never Let Go," a new Jungkook solo track.

Co-written by Jungkook and seven others, the song's cover art features paper impressions unfolding into the BTS logo, with Never Let Go seemingly penned in Jungkook's handwriting. It opens with a robotic sound reminiscent of his hit Somebody, from GOLDEN album before his raw vocals enter, showcasing his versatility through soaring falsettos and signature ad-libs.

From the opening bars, he paints ARMY as his guardian angel, crooning "Star boy, you're my hero". This admission sets the tone for an intimate musical love letter much like his earlier fan song My You.

In the verse, Jungkook seems dazed by ARMY's impact, wondering if their cosmic connection is "just a dream." He lays his vulnerability bare, confessing "Without your love, I'm nothing" - a raw admission of his reliance on their adoration. Words fail this poet; "It don't measure up, my pen and paper could never do quite enough" he laments, his lyrics straining to capture the depths of his feelings.

The pre-chorus swells with affirmation - "Everybody needs somebody, you been that somebody / So stay with me and keep holding on", he avows, making it crystal clear ARMY is the light galvanising his spirit. As the chorus builds, Jungkook's voice adopts a calmly slow yet fast heartbeat-like rhythm, with impassioned repeats of "Never let go," a pleading mantra urging ARMY to remain eternally intertwined with his destiny.

Verse two celebrates their unbreakable comradery in every part of the world, with Jungkook tributing ARMY as "Every town I'm in, you're the one I'm with" across endless touring miles. He rhapsodises their presence as "the light that led me to you," suggesting a cosmic-level gravity between them. Lines like "It's simple (With you), I'll never (Leave you)" read like vows, sealing their fates together.

As the track reaches its peak, Jungkook's vocals convey a profound sense of love, resonating deeply with the listeners. The message of loyalty and support in Never Let Go mirrors the enduring bond between BTS and their fans. Through each note and lyric, Jungkook expresses his gratitude and commitment to the fans who have stood by them through thick and thin. Never Let Go serves as Jungkook's pledge that their (BTS) connection with ARMY will remain unbreakable.

Following the song's release, Jungkook shared a message on Weverse expressing his hope that fans enjoyed the gift. He explained that the song was a performance piece he had wanted to share with them on the stage, apologising for not being able to showcase it properly. He also thanked ARMY for their unwavering support over the years and reminded them to take care of themselves, especially in the summer heat.

As BTS's 11th anniversary approaches and Jin's return home draws near, fans eagerly anticipate the long-awaited opportunity to reunite with him in person during the upcoming Festa celebrations.

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Published On: Jun 07, 2024