Kanye West's 'Vultures 1' album release

Kanye West's 'Vultures 1' album release

'Vultures 1', the much-awaited album by Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign, is now available after several delays. It features multiple artists and is part of a planned trilogy.


Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign have finally dropped their 'Vultures 1' album after a series of delays and false starts, as reported by Variety.

The album features contributions from various artists, including Lil Durk, Bump J, Freddie Gibbs, Playboi Carti, Travis Scott, Quavo, and even West's oldest daughter, North. Initially, there was confusion surrounding the album's upload, with an unofficial version released in the early hours of Saturday morning. However, it has since been replaced with the official version.

Originally absent from Spotify, the album was eventually added to the platform on Saturday afternoon. A representative for Kanye West confirmed to Variety that the version available on streaming services is now the "correct" one.

Reportedly the first installment of a trilogy, 'Vultures 1' was initially slated for a Thursday release, with the second volume expected on March 8 and the third on April 5. However, West's track record of delayed releases, including the unreleased 'Yandhi' album in 2018, has become a trend.

The album seems to be released under West's Yzy brand, as there are no traditional record label credits. West's associations with Def Jam Recordings and Sony Music Publishing lapsed in 2021 amidst controversial behavior, culminating in a series of antisemitic comments last year that affected his branding deals.

Physical and digital editions of 'Vultures 1' are available on West's Yeezy website, including vinyl and CD options. Similar to his previous album 'Donda,' public listening events in major cities preceded the release, this time in Chicago and Queens.

While the album reportedly does not include a contentious sample from a live Ozzy Osbourne recording of Black Sabbath's 'Iron Man,' there is speculation about a vocal fragment resembling Osbourne on the track 'King.' Nicki Minaj also declined permission for the use of their 2018 duet 'New Body,' and concerns arose over the use of the Backstreet Boys song 'Backstreet's Back.'

Edited By: Krishna Medhi
Published On: Feb 11, 2024