Konyak tribe of Nagaland celebrates 'Aoleang' festival

Konyak tribe of Nagaland celebrates 'Aoleang' festival

Aoleang Aoleang

Kohima, April 4, 2019:

The Konyak Nagas from Kohima on Thursday celebrated Aoleang together with their in-laws at NSF Solidarity Park, organized by Konyak Union Kohima.

Aoleang is celebrated from April 1 to April 6, marking the beginning a new year after the sowing is complete in the fields and invoking blessings from God for a plentiful harvest.

Speaking at the occasion, Principal Secretary, Lhoubeilatuo Kire stated "one should not forget the value system, tradition, and customs but should preserve the rich cultural heritage left behind by the forebears, so that our identity will be known to the world and perpetuating our tradition will bring us a great advantage in eco-tourism also."

He further appreciated the initiative the community has taken recognizing a day of celebration for the women married to other communities. Kire further encouraged the gathering to take pride in the traditional attire, songs, dances, and cuisines and to remember the strength of their diversity strength.

Highlighting the significance of the festival, Additional Secretary, Honje Konyak said the main objective is celebrating the presence of 'Wangwan', the divine spirit of blessings. Each day of the festival has its own significance, custom rituals, and merrymaking.

"It is a festival of sharing and forging ahead with renewed vigor into the coming year", he further stated.

Folk songs, cultural dances by various troupes and beating of log drums were the highlights of the celebration which was followed by Aoleang feast.

Aoleang is the main festival of the Konyaks from eastern Nagaland. It is celebrated in the first week of April every year, this year Mon will be witnessing the celebration from 1st - 6th April.

It is observed after the time of sowing seeds in new fields. Aoleang celebrations also mark the end of the current year and welcome the beginning of the new year with the spring season

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Published On: Apr 05, 2019