MTV Splitsvilla X5: 'Uff I love spice' says Uorfi! Find out the Mischief Maker’s spin

MTV Splitsvilla X5: 'Uff I love spice' says Uorfi! Find out the Mischief Maker’s spin

MTV Splitsvilla X5's latest episode, 'ExSqueeze Me Please', was filled with drama, shocking eliminations and blossoming romances. The episode ended with deep secrets unravelling, causing turmoil among the contestants.

MTV Splitsvilla X5's 'ExSqueeze Me Please' Episode Marked by Drama and Excitement MTV Splitsvilla X5's 'ExSqueeze Me Please' Episode Marked by Drama and Excitement

Chaos and excitement take center stage in the latest episode of MTV Splitsvilla X5: ExSqueeze Me Please. The episode kicks off with our sassy mischief maker, Uorfi declaring “Paani chahiye kyunki mujhe bhi mirchi lagne lagi hai. Uff I love spice!” 

In this week’s juicy episode of MTV Splitsvilla X5: ExSqueeze Me Please, Ishita’s shocking elimination sets off a chain reaction, sparking a fiery showdown between Ameha and Dr. Niharika. Dr. Niharika storms out in rage after the intense conversation and Ameha's aggressive stance. Amidst the heat, the villa witnesses the blossoming romance of the first 'ideal match,' Rushali and Harsh. 

But wait, there’s more! Uorfi turns the table by revealing Ishita’s exit from Splitsvilla and her arrival into the Ex-Isle villa! Ishita’s presence sparks a whirlwind of emotions.  Ishita is shocked to see her ex and stands in between Digvijay and Unnati, making Unnati jealous, skyrocketing the tension. Will Ishita’s presence stir up even more trouble? 

Deekila's jealousy over Aniket's attention towards Ishita adds more fuel to the fire, while Sachin tries his luck with Ishita. Between the hullabaloo, Uorfi expresses her love for spice and drama and announces, “You are also one step closer to getting back to Splitsvilla'' leaving the exes in suspense and eagerness.

Meanwhile, in Splitsvilla old connections are reignited and new connections are formed. Khanak and Adit declare their newfound relationship status in the dome, Khanak is now officially ‘his girl’. The queen of hearts, Sunny Leone says “Men are very simple, they will just tell you what they want. And we are very complicated, hum nahi batate, humein aisa lagta hai they should already know.” 

Sunny and Tanuj’s curiosity about alliances prompts Khanak to shine light on Rushali’s questionable intentions towards MTV Roadies’ contestants which Khanak finds out about by being a mole. Things take a spicy turn as they get into a heated argument that exposes the true colors of every contestant and the tangled web of alliances and emergence of groups begin to weave its intricate threads right from the start in this season of MTV Splitsvilla X5: ExSqueeze Me Please. 

Sunny appoints Harsh and Rushali as captains for the 'Rush Karo Aur Flush Karo' task. Contestants are split into teams, racing to hide secrets while defenders fight to keep them hidden. As Rushali picks Shobhika, Kashish, Nidhi, Ameha, Addy, Jashwanth, Dev, Aniket, and Yuvraj, Harsh assembles Akriti, Anicka, Khanak, Dewangini, Dr. Niharika, Siwet, Arbaz, Adit, and Ayushmaan in his team. Amidst the race to conceal their deepest secrets, Arbaz strategically throws the task, unveiling his secret. This twist leaves Splitsvillains puzzled if this will lead to havoc or shocking revelations!

As tensions mount and injuries leave the villa shook, the episode climaxes with deep secrets unraveling, sparking turmoil among the contestants. Will the fierce Sherni Rushali or the confident Sher Harsh emerge victorious in the challenge? Will there be trouble in paradise between the first ideal match? Moreover, the Ex-Isle contestants eagerly await their chance to enter Splitsvilla, adding to the anticipation and secrets lurking in the shadows, MTV Splitsvilla X5: ExSqueeze Me Please is heating up like never before.

Edited By: Puja Mahanta
Published On: Apr 20, 2024