'Nawmai: The Wancho Warrior': A must-known history of Northeast India

'Nawmai: The Wancho Warrior': A must-known history of Northeast India

'NAWMAI The Wancho Warrior', a film based on the indigenous tales of Northeast India, has released its trailer. Directed by Jovi Wangjin, the movie delves into the history of the 'Wancho and Konyak tribes'.

'NAWMAI The Wancho Warrior': An exploration of Northeast India's tribal history 'NAWMAI The Wancho Warrior': An exploration of Northeast India's tribal history
Story highlights
  • 'NAWMAI The Wancho Warrior' trailer released
  • Film explores the history of 'Wancho and Konyak tribes'
  • Release delayed due to financial constraints, weather conditions, and COVID-19'

NAWMAI The Wancho Warrior', a traditional war movie based on indigenous tales of North East India, specifically Arunachal Pradesh, has recently been announced. 

The trailer starts with an old woman's warning saying "Wangthak, times are not favorable so beautiful sincere and careful in your work". Then the trailer continues to explore the history of the 'Wancho and Konyak tribes' with fictional war scenes.

Jovi Wangjin, the director of this much-anticipated movie, engaged in a chit-chat with IndiaTodayNE and shared how he came up with this classic which will feature the rich cultural history of Northeast India.

1. What 'NAWMAI' is all about?

NAWMAI the Wancho Warrior is a traditional indigenous movie showcasing the cultural aspects of the Wancho tribe of Longding District Arunachal Pradesh. It is a war-based film depicting land disputes subsequently leading to war between two villages usually prevalent in the olden days. However, the story is also about a  love angle between two enemy village princes and princess's unfolding the plot of the movie. 

2. Will the movie explore the rich history of the Wancho and Konyak tribes? 

The film shows the cultural and traditional practices of the Wancho tribe as well. It shows the cultural aspects of the Wancho tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. It is a fictional story based on the traditional aspect of the Wancho tribe from Arunachal Pradesh.

3. You shared the first look of the movie five years ago. Now the trailer is out. Why does the delay happen?

It was late due to many reasons. 1st finance problem. Second, we only shot in winter as NE India has a rainy season of 9 months. Hence there is a chance for the camera ..lens etc damaged in rain. Most of the shots are outdoor so makeup like tattoos etc wind off either due to sweat or rain. Covid lockdown was another reason and also election was in the middle.

4. Tell us about your filmmaking journey.

By profession, I am a doctor graduated from NHMC Delhi University. But my interest has always been filmmaking since childhood. The idea of this film was since 1998-99. I have never went to any film school. All I learned was online. I did a job in Dubai as a medical analyst and in 2017 I came back after saving some funds and started this film in 2018.

5. Why Northeast India should be highlighted through filmmaking?

NE India has many stories to tell. But with no platform especially for small states like Arunachal Pradesh, the filmmakers struggle to make one good movie. There are many rich histories in NE India which have to be told specially through mediums like films.

Watch the trailer here:

Edited By: Puja Mahanta
Published On: Feb 12, 2024