Vipin Kumar got viral again as Alia Bhatt recreates land Kara de meme

Vipin Kumar got viral again as Alia Bhatt recreates land Kara de meme



Remember Vipin Kumar, the man who broke the internet in 2019 with his 'land kara de' paragliding video, which became a funny internet meme? The viral phenomenon is back in the news, this time for appearing in a commercial alongside Alia Bhatt. An advertisement for a chocolate brand featuring Vipin has created a buzz.

Vipin is seen paragliding while shooting himself with a selfie stick in the video, and he even repeats the same lines as he did in the viral video three years ago. “Chaaro taraf kohra hi kohra, main pagal tha jo isme aaya, bhai mere lambi ride nahi karni, 500 zyaada le le bhai, please land kara de bhai”, he exclaims in the video shOot on green screen.


Alia plays his paragliding instructor, who stays calm throughout their journey across the hills, and offers him a Cadbury Perk chocolate bar to calm Vipin out before the campaign's catchphrase, “Perk Khao, light ho jaao”.

The video has been shared by Vipin himself on his Instagram account.

“Who Said a meme Can’t achieve the heights? Who said a meme has just a life of 1 -2 months? Breaking all the bakwaas stereotypes and shooting with @aliaabhatt”, he captioned the video. Vipin further added, “Thnku @cadburyperkindia for This wonderful opportunity And I almost lived a dream life with shooting you @aliaabhatt. I get nervous in first shot coz I even can’t imagine that one day we both will sit together and have a chit chat.”

He even thanked Alia’s hairdresser as he wrote, “I don’t remember @aliaabhatt hairdresser name but I can’t thank enough him also, he was such a sweet bodybuilder guy”. After his video had gone viral in 2019, Vipin was seen as a contestant on the adventure-based reality show Roadies Revolution in 2020.