Diwali 2022: Birds flee en masse from fireworks in Assam’s Guwahati

Diwali 2022: Birds flee en masse from fireworks in Assam’s Guwahati

The festival of lights may enthrall us with its deafening music, bright lights, and fireworks, but it is a nightmare for birds. One bird injury case has been reported from the Christanbasti area of Assam’s Guwahati.

A viral video on October 22, showed fireworks causing severe damage to birds. In Guwahati, hundreds of birds were observed fleeing from a tree.

“This is #Guwahati_GS_road_in_Christian_slum. This is why I think these should not be blown in Diwali, in some places. Some #sensible #wise will come #to give knowledgable people will flood the comment section now. Please see”, a concern user wrote in a facebook post.

“They can't talk, can't explain their feelings!!! But those who understand, I push them to death like this! Is that right? Think with your conscience. Thanks for the video”, another user wrote.

The amount of air pollution caused by fireworks during Diwali grows exponentially with each passing year. And the flying species is usually on the receiving end. Every year, numerous birds are killed after being hit by firecrackers.

According to studies, pollutants from firecrackers such as carbon monoxide, Sulphur dioxide, and carbon dioxide stay suspended in the air. They are dangerous not just to people with asthma and bronchitis, but also to birds and animals.