Bangladesh PM Hasina rejects calls for ‘carving out state’ from Bangladesh and Myanmar

Bangladesh PM Hasina rejects calls for ‘carving out state’ from Bangladesh and Myanmar

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has dismissed a proposal to create a Christian state from parts of Bangladesh and Myanmar. She also disclosed an offer for a foreign airbase in exchange for a hassle-free re-election.


Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina claimed that a plot is being hatched to carve out "a Christian state like East Timor" from parts of Bangladesh and Myanmar. 

According to media reports, she asserted that she "won't let this happen.”
Hasina claimed that she was offered a hassle-free re-election in the January 7 polls if she allowed a foreign country to build an airbase inside the Bangladeshi territory, however, she did not name the country that had made the offer to her.

Delivering her introductory speech at the 14-party meeting at the Gono Bhaban on May 26, the Bangladesh PM stressed that she faces challenges both at home and abroad and that a "conspiracy is afoot", according to Bangladesh local media.

The meeting was the 14-party's first one with the Awami League president after the country held polls. 

"Like East Timor...they will carve out a Christian country, taking parts of Bangladesh (Chattogram) and Myanmar with a base in the Bay of Bengal," Hasina said in her address. 

She noted that business activities have been going through the Bay and the Indian Ocean since ancient times. 

"Many have their eyes on this place. There is no controversy here, no conflict. I won't let that happen. This is also one of my crimes (in their eyes)," she said.

About the proposal for an airbase, the premier said, "The offer came from a white man. It may appear that it is aimed at only one country, but it is not. I know where else they intend to go," she said, adding that this is why the Awami League government is always in trouble.

"If I allowed a certain country to build an airbase in Bangladesh,then I would have had no problem." 

Moreover, PM Hasina alleged that the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) had conspired to prevent the elections. She further said, "If inflation can be reduced now, people would be
relieved. Production is sufficient. There is no shortage."

Hasina emphasised that the foreign exchange reserves of many countries are decreasing, including Bangladesh.

"There is no need to worry about the reserves if there is food stock in times of emergency," she said. 

Following the introductory speech, Hasina held a closed-door meeting with the partners of the 14-party alliance.

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Published On: May 27, 2024