Flash floods kill over 300 in Afghanistan, destroy 1,000 homes

Flash floods kill over 300 in Afghanistan, destroy 1,000 homes

Flash floods in Afghanistan have resulted in the tragic loss of more than 300 lives and have led to the destruction of 1,000 homes, leaving countless citizens homeless.


Unusually heavy seasonal rains in Afghanistan have led to devastating flash floods that have claimed more than 300 lives and destroyed over 1,000 houses, according to the United Nations food agency. 

The northern province of Baghlan was hit particularly hard by the floods on May 10. The WFP is distributing fortified biscuits to survivors in the affected areas. In neighbouring Takhar province, state media reported at least 20 fatalities due to the floods.

Taliban government spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid stated on Twitter that "hundreds have succumbed to these calamitous floods," with many others injured. The provinces of Badakhshan, Baghlan, Ghor, and Herat were identified as the worst-hit areas, with "extensive devastation" and "significant financial losses."

The Taliban Defense Ministry said the country's air force has begun evacuating people in Baghlan, rescuing many stranded individuals and transporting 100 injured to military hospitals.

U.N. Special Rapporteur Richard Bennett highlighted Afghanistan's vulnerability to the climate crisis, calling for immediate aid and long-term planning from the Taliban and international actors.

Videos on social media showed desperate families gathering at a hospital in Baghlan, being told to dig graves as staff prepared bodies for burial ceremonies. In April, at least 70 people died, and 2,000 homes, mosques, and schools were damaged by heavy rains and flooding.

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Published On: May 11, 2024