Imran Khan asks EC not to nominate PTI member as leader of opposition in Pakistan Parliament 

Imran Khan asks EC not to nominate PTI member as leader of opposition in Pakistan Parliament 

Imran Khan Imran Khan

As per the reports, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf head and former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has written to the Election Commission requesting that no member of his party be nominated as Leader of the Opposition. 

The Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan lost a crucial trust vote in the National Assembly on April 10, Saturday last, becoming the country's first Prime Minister to be ousted through a no-confidence motion. The vote came after weeks of spats.

“I am grateful to Speaker Qasim Suri for accepting the resignations of my 123 MNAs today. It stands firm with an independent against a change of government, the ultimate loss for a self-respecting free nation, at the demand of the US to put to power convicts convicted on bail and on bail," he previously stated.

Following Khan's ouster, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) leader Shehbaz Sharif took the oath of office as the country's 23rd Prime Minister the same day, following a midnight vote.

Imran Khan, who came to power in 2018 on the promise of a "Naya Pakistan," had a dramatic exit. The Pakistan National Assembly was adjourned on the day of the no-confidence motion debate, dissolved on the day of vote, and reconvened on the instructions of the Supreme Court.

Imran Khan was voted out of power as 174 members of the country’s National Assembly went against him during the voting on the no-confidence motion.

Pakistan Muslim League-N’s (PML-N) Ayaz Sadiq who chaired the session said previously , “174 members have recorded their votes in favour of the resolution. Consequently, the resolution of no-confidence against Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan has been passed by a majority of the National Assembly.”

The motion was introduced after Pakistan’s Supreme Court prepared to intervene to ensure compliance with its April 7 decision holding the vote of no-confidence, and prison vans were stationed outside the National Assembly, apparently to remove individuals found in contempt.


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Published On: Apr 15, 2022