India raises concerns over vandalization of Mahatma Gandhi statue in Italy

India raises concerns over vandalization of Mahatma Gandhi statue in Italy

India has expressed concerns to Italian authorities regarding the vandalisation of a Mahatma Gandhi statue by pro-Khalistani elements, with rectification confirmed. This incident is part of a series of similar acts against Gandhi statues globally.

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  • India raises concerns over Gandhi statue vandalisation in Italy
  • Rectification confirmed by Italian authorities
  • Part of a series of global acts against Gandhi statues

India has expressed its concerns to Italian authorities regarding the vandalization of a Mahatma Gandhi statue by pro-Khalistani elements, according to a statement by the External Affairs Ministry on Wednesday. The ministry confirmed that the issue has been addressed, with a suitable rectification already in place.

"We have seen the reports of that and we have taken it up with the Italian authorities. We understand that a suitable rectification has already taken place," said Foreign Secretary Vinay Mohan Kwatra during a special briefing.

This incident is not isolated; it follows a series of similar acts of vandalism against Mahatma Gandhi statues in various countries. In March last year, a statue was defaced at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. Another incident occurred near City Hall in Hamilton, Ontario, and yet another at Vishnu Mandir in the Yonge Street and Garden Avenue area of Canada in July 2022, as reported by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Additionally, in January 2021, a statue of Gandhi in Davis, California, which was a gift from the Government of India in 2016, was vandalised.

In other significant news, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to depart for Italy on Thursday to attend the 50th G7 Summit, scheduled for June 13 and 14. The invitation for this summit was extended by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. The summit will be held in Puglia, Italy, and will mark Modi's first overseas trip since beginning his third consecutive term as Prime Minister.

Foreign Secretary Kwatra highlighted the importance of this visit, noting that it provides an opportunity to follow up on the outcomes of the G20 summit held under India's presidency last year. "At the invitation of the Prime Minister of Italy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be travelling to Apulia, Italy tomorrow to participate in the 50th G7 Summit which is to be held there on June 14 where India has been invited as an Outreach Country," Kwatra stated during the briefing.

The G7 summit, chaired by Italy this year, is a gathering of seven of the world's most advanced economies: Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, along with the European Union. This will be India's eleventh participation in the G7 summit and Modi's fifth consecutive attendance, underscoring the importance of India's role in global economic and political discussions. 

The G7 Summit in Italy will be held from June 13 to 15, bringing together leaders to discuss critical global issues, including economic stability, climate change, and international security.

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Published On: Jun 12, 2024