Love beyond borders: Pakistani girl crosses two countries to marry lover in Bengaluru

Love beyond borders: Pakistani girl crosses two countries to marry lover in Bengaluru

A teenage Pakistani girl, travelled two countries on her own without proper documents, before entering India to meet her lover and get married.

Pakistani girl (L) and the boy from Bengaluru (R) Pakistani girl (L) and the boy from Bengaluru (R)

We generally come across stories of how people cross boundaries to marry their lover staying in other corner of the world, after falling in love online. Here is another intriguing tale of how a teenage Pakistani girl, travelled two countries on her own, before entering India to meet her lover and get married.

The story which was revealed by the girl’s uncle, seems like a typical Bollywood rom-com where one of the lovers take the risk of travelling countries without proper documents and yet reach their destination and meet the love of their life.

As per the Pakistani girl’s story, she sold off her jewellery, borrowed money from friends to buy air tickets to Dubai and onwards to Kathmandu from where she crossed into India as alleged by the her Uncle.

Iqra Jeevani, the girl, was found last month in Bengaluru, where she had been living with Mulayam Singh Yadav, a Hindu man who is currently in jail. At the Wagah border on Sunday, she was given to the Pakistani authorities.

They met online, fell in love, and eventually made the decision to wed. She arrived in Nepal a few months later, where they tied the knot.

Iqra's father, uncle, and mother went to Lahore to receive her after Indian authorities handed her over to their Pakistani counterparts, according to unnamed family sources in Pakistan's Sindh province.

The intriguing tale began in September, when Iqra disappeared after attending college.

Although attempts to speak with Iqra were unsuccessful, her father, Sohail Jeewani, stated that the matter had been resolved permanently.
According to a family source, the family was still reeling from the shock of the past four months.

How Iqra, a 16-year-old from Karachi, got from Karachi to Dubai, Kathmandu, and India is still up for debate.
In fact, Ansari was 26-year-old Bengaluru security guard Mulayam Singh Yadav, whom Iqra met while playing Ludo games online.

Iqra borrowed money from her college friends and sold her jewelry to buy tickets to Dubai and Kathmandu, where Yadav, an Uttar Pradesh resident, had arranged for her to be brought into Bengaluru via the India-Nepal border, where he met her and brought her to his house.

Afzal Jeewani, her uncle, said that Iqra went to Dubai and then Kathmandu because she couldn't get a visa to India.

Iqra was only recovered by Indian police after neighbors in the neighborhood where Yadav took her reported seeing her praying, he claimed.
He also confirmed that Iqra had been rescued by Indian police shortly after the complaint, but that they had kept her in a shelter home where she had been questioned about how she got into India by police and intelligence personnel.

After Yadav changed Iqra's name to Rava, he got her an Aadhaar card, and she later applied for an Indian passport.

He stated that ever since she returned to Pakistan, the girl has been pleading for forgiveness. He asserted that the Indian man had lied to his niece by pretending to be a Muslim boy when the two of them met on social media while playing online Ludo games.

According to the Jeewani family, whose business is located in Shahi Bazar in Hyderabad, a city in the southern Sindh province, Iqra realized she had made a mistake when she reached Bengaluru and met Yadav when she started calling her mother on WhatsApp to tell her everything.

According to a senior police official, the family informed them of the call, and they contacted the Pakistani foreign office through the appropriate channels. The Pakistani foreign office then contacted their Indian counterparts to assist in the girl's recovery.

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Edited By: Nandita Borah
Published On: Feb 25, 2023