Over 40 Indians found dead in Kuwait fire tragedy: Reports

Over 40 Indians found dead in Kuwait fire tragedy: Reports

A devastating fire in a Mangaf building housing foreign workers has claimed 49 lives and injured 50 others. The incident has brought to light significant safety concerns and the need for better emergency response protocols.

Story highlights
  • Fire in Mangaf, Kuwait kills 49, injures 50
  • Majority of deceased are Indian nationals
  • Incident sparks concerns over safety measures for migrant workers

In Kuwait's southern city of Mangaf, a fire engulfed a seven-story building housing foreign workers, resulting in the loss of at least 49 lives and leaving 50 others injured. The tragic event, which occurred on Wednesday, has deeply impacted the migrant worker community in the Gulf Kingdom.

According to Sheikh Fahad Al-Yousuf Al-Sabah, serving as the First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, and Minister of Defence, Kuwaiti authorities have identified 48 bodies from the site of the fire. Among these, over 40 are confirmed to be Indian nationals, as reported by the English language daily Arab Times.

The incident has drawn widespread attention and concern, highlighting the need for stringent safety measures and emergency response protocols in such residential complexes housing migrant workers. The Kuwaiti government and relevant authorities are expected to conduct thorough investigations into the cause of the fire and take necessary steps to prevent such tragedies in the future

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Published On: Jun 13, 2024