Pakistani TV Anchor Confuses Apple Inc with the Fruit, Gets Trolled on Twitter

Pakistani TV Anchor Confuses Apple Inc with the Fruit, Gets Trolled on Twitter

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Guwahati, July 6, 2019:

A Pakistani television host has come under vicious attacks from Twitterati after she made a faux pas during a television discussion. The Pakistani anchor has come under vicious attacks when she confused Apple Inc, the global technology giants behind the iphone, with the fruit.

In the clip that has been spreading like wildfire on Twitter, she can be seen talking to a panellist who brings up the global giants during the discussion and says at one point "Apple's income even is larger than Pakistan's budget". At this point, the anchor interrupts him and says "I know, a single apple is so expensive." Then, the panellist jumps in and saves her from further embarrassment. "We are talking about the 'Apple' mobile phones here."

She anchor was heavily trolled after the video started going viral online. One user lauded the panellist for his composure in dealing with the situation. "Hats off to the man!! What control!! Had I been there would have probably fallen off my seat laughing", he wrote.

However, some netizens came to the defense of the anchor. "It’s the guy who failed to qualify his argument properly! Just apple means a fruit!", he said.

It may be mentioned that this is not the only exbarrassing clip that has come out of Pakistan in recent times. A few days ago, the government of Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province live-streamed a meeting but accidentally forgot to turn off the cat filter on the phone, leading to much amusement among social media users.

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Published On: Jul 06, 2019