Taiwan: Series of aftershocks jolt country overnight

Taiwan: Series of aftershocks jolt country overnight

Taiwan experienced a series of earthquakes causing significant shaking of buildings and creating panic among the people. The Central Weather Administration of Taipei reported the highest magnitudes to be 6.0 and 6.3, with no casualties reported so far.


Taiwan has been hit by multiple earthquakes which caused buildings to shake significantly, creating a situation of panic and havoc among the people.

Amongst the many earthquakes reported in the country, the Central Weather Administration of Taipei put the highest ones at 6.0 and 6.3, respectively. As of now, the country has not reported any casualties.

The activity majorly centered around Hualien which is located on the eastern coast of the country, however, the earthquake also rattled buildings across large parts of northern, eastern and western Taiwan to shake all through the night. 

Reports suggest as many as 80 earthquakes have rattled the country in a span of 9-10 minutes in the wee hours of Tuesday. Meanwhile, the Central Weather Administration informed there were around 180 aftershocks. They also said that the series of earthquakes which commenced from Monday afternoon were aftershocks from the large April 3 quake.

A powerful earthquake of 7.4 magnitude had hit Taiwan on April 3, leading to landslides and widespread damage to many buildings in the Hualien city. The earthquake had led to the death of at least 17 individuals. Nearly 1000 earthquakes have been reported in the country since then.

Located at the junction of two major tectonic plates, Taiwan is victim to frequent earthquakes.

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Published On: Apr 23, 2024