Is coffee good for you?

Is coffee good for you?

Coffee- Natural booster Coffee- Natural booster

People spend thousands of rupees on supplements like fat burners but did you know what exactly is your fat burner made up of?

Caffeine is a natural substance that aids fat burning and boosts your metabolic rate by 3-11%. As mentioned caffeine in the coffee aids in fat burning, thus it enhances the weight loss process.

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Apart from weight loss, coffees improves energy levels and make you more active. No wonder, it is the worlds most consumed stimulant. Many studies have shown that coffee also improves your brain function including memory, mood and reaction time.

A cup of black coffee is a perfect pre-workout drink (you really don't need all those pre-workout supplements). Coffee increases adrenaline level thus improving your physical performance.

Coffee contains essential nutrients such as Vitamin B2, B5, B3 and minerals like Manganese and Potassium. All of these are essential for your body and you don't get them enough these days.Several studies have shown coffee may help to protect you against Parkinson's disease, type 2 diabetes and liver disease, including liver cancer.

But as we keep on saying, too much of anything is not good. Having more than 2-3 cups of caffeine a day can lead to some heart disease. People who suffer from Hypertension should avoid it. Women should avoid it during pregnancy. Often, people add sugar, cream, syrup or other things to their drink. Sugar/Sugar syrups can never be good. Have your coffee without sugar/syrups.

Even though consuming moderate amount of caffeine is good for you but drinking way too much of it can still be harmful.

If you want to ensure the potential health benefits of coffee, you have avoid adding sugar. Sugar is also known as White Poison. Drinking coffee might affect your sleep, if that casemdon't drink it after two in the afternoon.

But in the end, one thing holds true: Coffee may just be the healthiest beverage on the planet.

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Published On: Jul 22, 2020