Ethnic Shoes for Ladies - The Ultimate Style Guide

Ethnic Shoes for Ladies - The Ultimate Style Guide

Ethnic Shoes for Ladies - The Ultimate Style Guide Ethnic Shoes for Ladies - The Ultimate Style Guide

When you're out shopping for ethnic shoes for ladies, being spoiled for choices is not always a good thing. Whether you're searching for the best traditional footwear for women online or in person, keep these points in mind:

• Be true to the theme of an occasion

• Whether it is a wedding, party, or festival, knowing the theme will help you choose apt shoes with better precision.

• Just because you're shopping for ethnic shoes for women does not necessarily mean you opt for the grandest looking ones.

• A simple pair can often work wonders on your outfit. Again, keep the occasion and theme in mind.

Embroidered vs. Plain:

Almost all ethnic footwear for ladies boasts gorgeous embroidery that adds to the uniqueness of the shoe. So what are the different types of ethnic shoes for women? Let's explore four of the most popular ones out there. You can use the following shoe types to make an informed decision about selecting the plain or embroidered variety.

1. Jutti

These are essentially vibrant multi-colored flat shoes with snouts.

• Stitches can be seen all across the shoe body.

• They come bearing back-straps or heels.

• Quality leather or synthetic material goes into their crafting.

• They complement Anarkalis, bridal outfits, and Ghaghra.

• Images (art, pop culture, retro, characters, etc.) and motifs are used to further impart style to each Jutti.

Their embellishments and quirky prints bring all the variety you need to mix and match with the rest of your outfit.

2. Khussa

Leather-crafted, these shoes often display ceramic beads, bells, mirrors, sequins, or shells on their bodies.

• They are highly decorative and look quite natural.

• Such shoes complement Kurtis and salwar kameez.

• They boast an extended curled toe design element that looks fetching and attractive.

• Each Khussa-style shoe-back is left open.

Khussa shoes bring a 'boho' touch to your ethnic 'shoe-drobe,' making them great selections. Get a few pairs of these to keep in your cabinet.

3. Kolhapuri

Known for their comfort and remarkable style, Kolhapuris are essentially flat-soled chappals for women.

• Funky design elements and geometric patterns abound on this type of footwear.

• Even the straps come in attractive colors.

• They compliment almost any outfit.

• Design add-ons include rhinestones, silver and gold stripes, and sequins.

Recent trends have seen this shoe type having heels, adding to their glamour value and variety.

4. Mojari

Almost all traditional outfits look 'complete' with Mojari shoes.

• Several Mojaris come hand-crafted, adding to their beauty and style quotient.

• A-line kurtas and Patialas are some of the best traditional wear that will complement this shoe type.

• You can wear them with casual outfits, and even combo them with Kurtis and churidars.

The ethnic patterns and embroidery on Mojaris have proven to be highly appealing.

Flats vs. Heels

In the realm of ethnic footwear for girls and women, the debate about whether to choose heels or flats has often come up. Let's explore what they both bring to your stylistic 'expression.' Using the guidelines below, feel free to arrive at your final decision.

I. Ethnic Heeled Shoes for Ladies

Heels are relatively new 'trends' in ethnic fashion footwear for women. They have distinctly 'western' influences. Such shoes have evolved the ethnic footwear sector in pleasing and attractive ways.

You'll often find heeled shoes in movies and television soap operas. Indian actresses glam it up on the screen as well as the red carpet wearing heels. Despite being a strictly 'western' concept, heels have ended up enhancing the Indian style market in numerous ways.

Blended with ethnic footwear, heels have unleashed a revolution in self-expression and empowerment.

II. Ethnic Flat Shoes for Ladies

These are the most traditional versions of ethnic shoes for girls and women. They are neat, elegant, and look amazing on selected outfit combinations.

Flat shoes in the ethnic footwear sector are often slim and cut in such a way as to reflect India's early artistry. They harken back to royal times, with some scholars arguing that they go back even before that.

Flat shoes have always been associated with vintage and traditional Indian footwear, so it comes as no surprise that ethnic shoes for women reflect that heritage.

Plenty of noteworthy designs and 'latest trends' have further imbued this type of shoe with class and sophistication.


Whether you go for heels or flats, ethnic shoes for ladies still bring a special sort of style to your 'shoe-drobe.' They impart dignity and grace primarily thanks to how wonderfully they highlight Indian cultural expressions and traditional norms.

Ethnic footwear for girls and women is still a priority choice when it comes to grand events like weddings. They also double as 'formal wear' in specific instances.

The best thing about ethnic footwear is that they currently enjoy a level of diversity and trend-worthy appeal that make them great selections to don even in casual settings. You can wear them anywhere, and look your best.

From simple and humble designs to ornate and opulent ones, your choice of ethnic footwear rests mainly on how stylish or glamorous you're feeling and how expressive you desire to be on any given occasion.

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Published On: Dec 21, 2021