Feels lonely, jealous, miss Ex’s, how singles feel on Valentine’s Day?

Feels lonely, jealous, miss Ex’s, how singles feel on Valentine’s Day?

Feels lonely, jealous, miss Ex’s, how singles feel on Valentine’s Day? Feels lonely, jealous, miss Ex’s, how singles feel on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s day is being celebrated in every corner of the world, as after a week-long Valentine’s week (Rose Day, then Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, and finally Valentine’s Day) finally its February 14, the day to share love. But there are many who have got no valentine to celebrate the day, who deep down feels to invent ‘Single’s day just like valentine’s day’ to celebrate the day for singles.

Restaurants have been decorated with all red heart shape balloons, roses, scented candles, varieties of lights. Mushy couples walking hand in hand, Some are planning for surprises, some lost in each other while some may planning to make their relationship official from unofficial dates.

And you can not deny the fact that when you are single and being frustrated by all this drama (some single claims celebrating Valentine’s Day is drama) when you want to relax alone and chill out enjoying Netflix or any movies or hope to browse something or tend to google something It bombards you with stuff related to what you are trying escape from, which can be really irritating, and singles can relate that for sure.

Hence,  seeing this all-around single’s literally feels miserable, some feels ‘why can not we just keep this simple, just like other general days’ some feel like removing the whole valentine’s week from the calendar, some feel jealous of seeing couples celebrating the day of love, some celebrate anti valentine’s, while some acts/pretend as if these so-called valentine’s day does not affect him/her. There are numerous people in the world who find themselves in a similar situation on this particular day. The more the day is specials and happiest for couples, the more it spoils the mood and makes the day tough for singles.

Here is how single believed to feels and acts on valentine’s day

1. Valentine's Day is a terrible reminder for singles which reminds one that he/she is single, and all of a sudden, they miss their exes.

Valentine's Day for Single

2. It sounds painful listening to the committed friends boasting about their preparations for Valentine's Day, while you have nothing to do and going to spent a usual day.

Valentine's Day Single

3. Some singles pretend to be happy being single, they claim they do not need a man/woman to complete them and suggest to enjoy singlehood as long as it lasts, but deep down they too wish to have someone special with who they could do all these valentiny things which all the mushy couples do around in the day.

How singles celebrate Valentine's Day

4. Agreed with their fate and become so hopeful and also asks their friends not to lose hope and faith, says who knows you might get lucky next year and on the same day next year you might be sitting next to your valentine, but actually end up being upset about their singlehood.

Singles celebrate Valentine's Day

5. They feel like to disappear for the particular week and acts like they do not exist on February 14.

Singles Valentine's Day image

Moreover, while the singles feel miserable on valentine’s day, most couples don’t intend to hurt the singles out there or to rub salt on their wounds by their doings on the day of celebrating love.