The secret to getting things done on time

The secret to getting things done on time

Time management Time management

We work too much and don’t have the moments to spend with our family or friends, we’re so over worked by the weekend, that we can’t find the time or the energy to finish the chores that we set aside for the weekend. Time management is the key to finding time for everything that we want to but can’t seem to make space for.

Here are some tips on time management that’ll help you find hours for everything you want to do:

  • Setting up Agenda: Setting a time aside for all your important tasks in a day and give them a set amount of time. By giving each task a set amount of hour, you can limit the time you utilise in procrastinating, or the hours you spend putting things off. Investing in a daily planner can really help you with planning your daily duties and also sticking to them.

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  • Create a board: If you’re someone who has a lot of chores to complete in a day, you should create a calendar or a board that you can place at your work desk or in your room, so you know can have all your tasks in front of you. This can also help you prioritise important tasks. You can colour code your tasks according to the most important to least important tasks.

  • Set up a routine: A set daily routine can really help you make space for everything. You can set aside slots for all the different tasks. If you have a set daily routine, you will find it much easier to find time for small tasks. Waking up and going to sleep at the same time every day, not only will you have a healthier life you will also be better at finding hours for everything you want to do.  

  • Procrastination: Procrastination is one the main reasons why people can’t find the time for anything. Although sometimes procrastination can be very productive too, most of the times its more unproductive than not. Limit the time you spend on social media, this way you are less likely to be distracted by it through the day.

Time management is not very difficult, a bit of planning, and being mindful about how you spend your hours can really help you make space for everything that you want to do.

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Published On: Jul 23, 2020