WhatsApp tricks that you probably did not know about

WhatsApp tricks that you probably did not know about

Here are some handy tricks and tips which you did not know about using WhatsApp.


Everybody uses WhatsApp. This has become the default messaging app of the majority of the world. While it's quite easy and fun to use, there are a lot of tricks and tips which many people don't know about the messaging app. Even if you are a daily user, there are certain hidden features which you, like many others, may not be aware of. But today we will show some handy tricks that can help make you WhatsApp experience all the more interesting. 

Limit WhatsApp images and videos in Gallery

Scores of WhatsApp images and videos in your phone gallery can be annoying as they also take up your phone's internal space. For this you can select not to save media files from specific chats to your phone gallery. Go to the particular chat and tap the name of the chat above. This opens up the information page, where you'll see the option 'media visibility'. Choose it and then select the option 'no' to not save this chat's media files in your phone's gallery. 

Making Image Vanish after it is Viewed once

If you want to implement the famous self-deleting image of Snapchat in your WhatsApp chat, then there is a way. Go to your media gallery and to the image you want to send, and pick to share it with a WhatsApp contact. You'll see now the number 1 appear next to your caption field. Tap on it and a message appears that explains the feature. Hit 'okay', and it'll activate the 'view once' trick.  

Record a Voice Story

A lot of people upload stories on WhatsApp nowadays. But did yo know you can also upload a voice story? go to the update tab, and now look for the pencil icon at the bottom of your screen. A blank screen appears where you can type your status, add emojis, and effects. You'll also see a microphone icon. Tapping the microphone lets you record a voice memo that you can share as a status update. Note that the voice clip can't be longer than 30 seconds. 

Leaving a Group Chat without Being Seen

Some WhatsApp group chats can be quite annoying. But sometimes leaving them can lead to people judging you. But what is there was a way to leave discreetly? Well actually you can. For Android, you can begin by going to the group and selecting the three point menu, or in case of iOS, you can tap the name of the group to open the group setting. After this choose the option'mute notifications' and 'forever.' The go back to your chat overview, and move this particular group chat into you archived chats. You have not just muted their notifications, but have also removed the group from your chat overview. No more annoyance. 

Replying privately to a Group Chat Message

If you have to reply in a group chat, but don't want others to see it, then there's a way. Simply tap and hold the message that you want to reply to. Select the three point menu at the top of the group chat. This opens up a choice to reply privately. Voila! Now you not just chat privately, but it includes a screenshot of the group message, which can come in handy. 

Seeing the time of your Message being Read

If you want to see the exact time your message was read, tap on the respective message. Select the menu and go to info. The time stamp is available there. 

Formatting your Text

You can get a little more expressive with your WhatsApp messages by formatting your text. You can type something in bold by adding stars before and after the word you want to highlight. You can use italics by using the underscore _in front of the words you want to highlight. Youn can cross out a word by using the ~approximately~ wave. Also, you can also combine two styles, if you *_want the text to be in bold and italics_*. 

Changing the Font of your Text 

This is a pretty cool feature. But not many people know about it. Type the French accent grave ```in front and after the new font```. Be mindful, it's not the same sign as the apostrophe ('). On an Android phone, you'll find it on the second page of the special symbols. On an iOS device, you'll find it by long-tapping the apostrophe under the special symbols. It'll show you several different lines. The accent grave is the one on the far left. 


Edited By: Joydeep Hazarika
Published On: Feb 16, 2024