BJP delays candidate list in Manipur; who will really benefit?

BJP delays candidate list in Manipur; who will really benefit?


The most 'wannabe' political party in Manipur for the upcoming assembly election is none other than BJP. The BJP being in the center and also ruling in the state - most of the former contractors, retired bureaucrats, members of many wealthy families turned self styled politicians - all run for the BJP - since last at least 1 year or so.

All of them are campaigning in the hope of getting BJP ticket. They all roam the dirty galis - reach to the poorest - uneducated voters - who know or understand only the symbol of a political party (many people particularly aged people can't read the name on the EVM - they just cast their votes looking at the party symbol).

The hard work, spending crores of Rupee as intending candidate for a particular party while the polls are nearing - barely a month left.

Yet, the candidate list of the strongest party BJP (having wave of at least 3-4 intending candidate each in each constituency) is not declared.

Who is benefitting from it and who is losing? Many are fighting and even incidents of loss of lives have been reported from various constituencies in the state.

Out of the 60 constituencies - why the ruling party BJP is not able to declare their candidates - could it be a plan of a some big mastermind/political think tank? Or simply, they have been unable to decide upon the best candidates

The losers will be those who are running or spending their valuable time, energy and money for a particular Symbol. "Yarr - Party mei kya rakha hei?"

In India, you need to win the election - it hardly matters from which party you won - particularly in smaller states. Even if you are a lone candidate of a particular party, you can form the government - there are lots of examples in the past.

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