Congress committed to creating many more Ima markets in Manipur: Rahul Gandhi

Congress committed to creating many more Ima markets in Manipur: Rahul Gandhi

rahul gandhi rahul gandhi

IMPHAL: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today launching a scathing attack on the BJP in poll bound Manipur said that the despite the BJP's promises to empower women, it has not created a single Ima Market, adding that the party "weakened" the Ima market created by the Congress party.

"We are committed to creating many more Ima Markets," he said, adding that his party plans to secure 1/3 reservation for women in Manipur.

said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to "destroy your future by creating palm oil plantations."

He said that the palm oil plantations won't help the people of Manipur and will instead benefit 2-3 large businesses like Patanjali.

Gandhi said that the Congress plans to introduce MSPs for horticultural products, make it self-sufficient in rice production, and expand irrigation facilities.

Gandhi said that the BJP party is "taking away the democratic structure, values, and institutions in Manipur."

They (BJP) have not held hill council elections in the last 5 years despite their promises to take governance to the doorstep.

Making an address, Gandhi said that when the BJP comes to Manipur and the RSS comes to Manipur, they come not with respect, not with understanding, they come with a sense of superiority

Gandhi said that he himself visits Manipur “with humility because I understand that you have a lot to give and I know that there is a lot I can lean from you – from the diverse tribes from the valleys and the hills.”

Taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Gandhi said that he thinks “he has the superior vision, he has a superior language and he has the right to define India.”

Gandhi said that he wants to help preserve the language, the culture, and the harmony prevailing in Manipur.

The Congress leader also claimed that PM Modi has gone back on his pre-poll promises and condemned him for not talking about issues like demonitization, GST, etc.

"Why doesn't he say that India has the highest unemployment in 40 years?", he asked.

He said that he mentioned in Parliament that the Home Minister of India (Amit Shah) invited senior leaders of Manipur enter his house and made them take off their shoes while he kept his on.

"It is not my culture to invite someone to my house, force them to take off their shoes," he said, adding that "it is not Indian culture."

"Indian culture is to respect your guests, Indian culture is to honour their guests when they come to your house."

Manipur is set to go to polls in on February 28 and March 5.

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