73 detained during search operation by security forces in Manipur

73 detained during search operation by security forces in Manipur

Security forces in Manipur have conducted extensive search operations, resulting in the detention of 73 individuals. These measures are aimed at enhancing safety in the state's hill and valley districts.


Security forces in Manipur conducted search operations and area domination in fringe and vulnerable areas across hill and valley districts to enhance safety and security in the region.

The police detained 73 individuals across different districts of the state in connection with various violations during the operation.

A total of 256 vehicles along NH-37 and 113 vehicles along NH-2, transporting essential goods, were closely monitored and facilitated by the security personnel during the mission which involved ensuring the smooth movement of essential items and Naka checking.

Furthermore, the authorities have implemented strict security measures across all vulnerable locations, giving specific attention to sensitive stretches. 

On the other hand, security convoys have been deployed to guarantee the unhindered and safe passage of vehicles, contributing to the overall security landscape of Manipur.

A total of 120 checkpoints have also been established in various districts of Manipur, covering both hill and valley regions to monitor and regulate movement. These checkpoints are expected to prevent potential threats.

This approach taken by the Manipur security forces enphasises the efforts in safeguarding the well-being and security of the people of Manipur.

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: Jun 05, 2024