Manipur: Cleaning and dredging of flooded Waisel Maril begins

Manipur: Cleaning and dredging of flooded Waisel Maril begins

The cleaning and dredging of Waisel Maril in Imphal began on May 31 to control recent flooding caused by heavy rainfall. The operation aims to clear solid waste and debris blocking the 30 km stretch, crucial for floodwater drainage.


As an immediate measure to control the situation of flood across Imphal, the cleaning and dredging of the water channel, Waisel Maril commenced from May 31 from the Mongshangei Maning Leikai area. 

Due to heavy rainfall in Manipur on May 28 midnight, various regions of Imphal valley were completely inundated. 

While flood level has been receding because of reduction in rainfall and overflowing of major rivers has stopped, some of the worst affected areas such as Lairikyengbam Leikai, Dewlahand, Sangakpham are still surrounded by water. 

Waisel Maril which extends over 30 kms and serves as the 'drainpipe' for around 6 Assembly Constituencies of the state is in pathetic condition. The water channel that drains floodwater from Imphal city, is currently unrecognisable due to the accumulation of solid waste, wild grass, weeds, and other debris. This blockage has severely obstructed water flow, resulting in worsening the inundation of surrounding areas during recent heavy rainfall.

Concerned authorities inspected Waisel Maril on May 31. In the afternoon, inspection was carried out by Awangbou Niwamai, Minister of Water Resources, Relief & Disaster Management; L. Sushindro, Minister of PHED, CAF & PHED; Leishemba Sanajaoba, MP (RS) and DC of Imphal West, and other senior officials.

Meanwhile, M Asnikumar, chairman of Loktak Development Authority, chief secretary, Vineet Joshi along with representatives of local youth inspected Waisel Maril section at at Langthabal Lep and near Imphal Airport on the morning of May 31.

Following the inspection, at around 3 pm this afternoon, the dredging and cleaning of the Waisel Maril commenced at Mongshangei Maning Leikai. The operation was led by L. Susindro Meetei, Minister of PHED, CAF & PHED, and M. Asnikumar Singh, Chairman of the Loktak Development Authority (LDA), along with Kebi Devi, MLA; DC of Imphal West and other concerned official. 

Later, Chief Minister N Biren Singh visited the site of the ongoing dredging and cleaning work at Mongshangei Maning Leikai. He appreciated the ongoing efforts and appealed to the local people to extend their cooperation. 

He assured that the work would continue extensively, highlighting the importance of the Waishel Maril water regime for the greater Imphal area in channeling water flow to Loktak Lake. He stated that this collaborative effort aims to restore the natural flow of the stream and prevent future flooding in the area.

M. Asnikumar said that under the directive of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, the cleaning of Waisel Maril commence immediately. He urged residents to recognise the negative impact of improper waste disposal on the city's waterways and to adopt better waste management practices to maintain the natural flow of the stream. 

He also highlighted the issue of encroachment around Waisel Maril, calling on the public to refrain from such activities to prevent future flooding.

M. Asnikumar Singh also addressed the issue of flooding exacerbated by climate change, owing to deforestation and stone and sand mining along riverbanks that disrupt natural barriers and destabilize riverbeds, reducing their capacity to channel water. 

He also said that local clubs, including youth club representatives, also joined the event, pledging their cooperation.

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: May 31, 2024