Manipur's Nagaran village expresses gratitude amidst flood aftermath

Manipur's Nagaran village expresses gratitude amidst flood aftermath

Nagaram Village in Manipur expresses deep gratitude for the support received following the devastating flood on May 29, 2024. The village appreciates the efforts of various entities and individuals in providing critical aid.

Story highlights
  • No lives lost despite immense destruction in Nagaram Village flood
  • Appreciation extended to NDRF, SDRF, Army, Police, and volunteers
  • Hon'ble Chief Minister N Biren Singh and other notable individuals recognised for swift aid

The Nagaram Village Authority in Manipur released a press note expressing deep gratitude amidst the challenges faced by the community in the wake of the devastating flood that struck Nagaran Village on May 29, 2024. The flood, which occurred after a gap of 36 years, brought immense destruction, submerging homes, and causing damage to priceless memories and properties.

Village authorities said despite the hardships, the village was thankful that no lives were lost in this massive disaster. The Nagaran Village Authority extended its sincere appreciation to the dedicated professionals from NDRF, SDRF, Army, Police, and volunteers who risked their safety to rescue residents, including the elderly, children, and the sick, from harm's way.

The press note also acknowledged and thanked various entities and individuals for their significant support during this difficult time. Special recognition was given to Shri. N Biren Singh, the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Manipur, and different government departments for their swift response and provision of critical emergency aid, including food, water, shelter, and medicines. The efforts of religious organizations like Church and TKLI, NGOs, and notable individuals like Hon'ble Minister Khashim Vashum, Hon'ble MLA Arun Kumar, D.C Imphal East, and others were also appreciated for their invaluable contributions.

Additionally, the village expressed gratitude to generous volunteers who selflessly donated their time and resources to assist those in need during the flood aftermath. While acknowledging the support received, the Nagaran Village Authority appealed for continued assistance in rebuilding homes and infrastructure that were severely impacted by the flood.

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Published On: Jun 06, 2024