Manipur Ground Zero: Miscreants raze churches, schools and even children's home

Manipur Ground Zero: Miscreants raze churches, schools and even children's home

In Manipur, the situation remains tense as violent protests continue to rock the state. According to state government sources, 14 companies of paramilitary forces have been deployed and more are on their way. IndiaToday NE team visited the affected areas of Ground Zero today and witnessed the aftermath of the violence. Churches, schools, houses, vehicles, and several properties were set ablaze by violent protestors on May 4th, following the ATSUM solidarity march on May 3rd, which sparked communal tensions across the state of Manipur.

Even a children's home, established in 1972, was not spared by the violent mob. Pramodini, the secretary of the Children's Home, said, "Protestors have burned down nearby churches and the fire has become uncontrollable, and our children's home, where 19 children were taking shelter, was also caught on fire."

The India Today team visited Langol, where hundreds of burnt down vehicles were lying by the roadside. Victims were being evacuated from Langol's affected area by the security forces. The aftermath of the violence can be seen in every corner of Imphal city, where vehicles were set on fire and flames can still be seen in some places.

The team also went to Haokip Veng in Imphal East, where they saw one kindergarten school, one church, and many houses burned down. Even commercial properties were destroyed by the enraged mob.

 The Lodestar Public School in Khongveng, Imphal East, which was being used to store vehicles for safety, was also destroyed.Although the situation appears to be under control, mobs are continuing to protest in some areas. Our team witnessed this firsthand in Sangaiprou, where angry protesters took to the streets. Security personnel were forced to use tear gas in an effort to quell the unrest and restore order.This violent protest has claimed several lives, although the state government has not disclosed the number of casualties citing security reasons.

The situation in Manipur is dire, and the need for peace and calm is urgent. The India Today team reported that several media outlets were queuing up for internet usage, indicating that this is just the initial ground report. The people of Manipur are hoping that the situation will be resolved quickly and peacefully.