Post violence ethnic chasm between Meitei and Kuki widens on ground in Manipur

Post violence ethnic chasm between Meitei and Kuki widens on ground in Manipur

The ongoing communal clashes between the Kuki and Meitei  communities in Manipur have intensified, with both sides blaming each other for the violence. The IndiaTodayNE team has reported from the ground zero in the Churachandpur district, where tensions have reached a boiling point.

People from a Meitei community are blocking roads with banners bearing slogans such as "Remove non-resident Kukis" from the state of Manipur. In this communal clash, where both communities are blaming each other, the situation is almost like an unannounced civil war. 
"They are wreaking havoc in society, Kuki's are using weapons against our indigenious people Meitei, killing innocent people, killing women, and we want peace and stability in our state for which we are requesting the central government and the state government to do whatever they can as soon as possible," said Chourjit Rajkumar, a citizen of Bishnupur district. 

Kuki's who have migrated from Myanmar with sophisticated weapons and indigenious Kuki people have destroyed mandirs and villages.There are approximately 2000 refugees in Moirang, and the state government is providing no assistance. We are collecting donations from our community in order to send relief. The state government should not permit any outsider to enter the state. Burma is under military rule, which is why they come here; they are involved in drug trafficking, and to stop all of this, the state government should not allow anyone to enter the state. We have no problem with indigenious  Kukis, and the government should immediately seal the border. Our indigenious Kuki's can speak our Meitei language" , said Kh. Deva Singh, a resident of Bishnupur District.

IndiaToday, the NE team attempted to reach Churachandpur but was unable to proceed beyond Kangvai, a border area between Bishnupur and Churachandpur. The situation was also tense in Kangvai, where shooting occurred on May 5th night. Miscreants set fire to houses and other properties, as well as the daily market. 

The security personnel's bulletproof vehicle was also targeted by an alleged militant group, with several bullets fired on the vehicle. 
Byte: The militant group KNF has fired several rounds of bullets, which have partially damaged our bulletproof vehicle.

One of the victims whose house was set on fire during the current communal riot told India Today NE that a group of people from Churachandpur came in a group and completely burned down many houses and vandalised properties in Kangvai areas. All the helpless people flee to a safer location. Rioting is not a solution to any problem; it is simply a way to create chaos and paralyse normal life. As a result, instead of engaging in communal conflict, people should focus on fostering peace. 

"I have relocated to Moirang because my home was completely destroyed by miscreants who came from the Churachandpur side in a group when the riot broke out." This attack has caused havoc in all of my communities. "Let peace reign as soon as possible," he said.