Conspiracy hatched to kill Khasi student leaders in Meghalaya?

Conspiracy hatched to kill Khasi student leaders in Meghalaya?

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SHILLONG: The Khasi Students' Union (KSU) on Wednesday received an anonymous letter in which the writer revealed that he has information that a plan is being hatched to kill leaders and members of the students’ body.

According to the letter, the police department had been informed and had taken a decision in this regard on December 11.

“I decided to share this information since I am concerned about this development as an employee of the state government. But I am not sure if the decision was taken by the Police department or the state government,” the anonymous person wrote.

The writer further expressed interest to meet the president and general secretary of KSU central body in person to reveal everything.

“I will not be able to reveal my name in this letter. But I would like urge the KSU leaders not to take this threat lightly,” the letter states.

According to The Shillong Times, KSU president Lambokstar Marngar has confirmed that the letter was received in their office on Wednesday.

Marngar also said that they were not taking the threat lightly and added that they will try to find out if the information shared through the letter was true or not, added the report.

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Published On: Dec 16, 2021