Meghalaya DGP raises concern over rise in crime against women and children in state

Meghalaya DGP raises concern over rise in crime against women and children in state

Meghalaya’s Police Chief, Idashisha Nongrang, reported a significant rise in crimes against women and children, accounting for 32 percent of total crimes. Measures to address cyber crimes and the implementation of new criminal laws were also discussed.


Meghalaya’s Director General of Police, Idashisha Nongrang on June 28 said that an increase in crimes against women and children in the state has been reported, further stating that crimes specifically targeting women and children accounted for 32 percent of the total crimes, with chargesheets filed in 65 percent of these cases in 2023.

Speaking to reporters after a conference was held at the Meghalaya Police Headquarters, under the leadership of Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma, the first female DGP of Meghalaya said that one of the main agendas of the conference was to discuss the increasing crimes against women and children in the state.

Furthermore, the DGP said that measures to deal with various challenges facing the police department were discussed, along the increasing cyber

She said, "We are keeping an eye on cyber crime, which is a big challenge and to deal with it, we have also proposed to the government to create a cyber wing."

"The good thing is that the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister have given us the go-ahead and they have assured us that this is one of the things we will focus on and make sure that it comes into existence very soon," she told reporters.

Reacting to the implementation of three new criminal laws across India, Nongrang said that they have already conducted several training sessions for the implementation of the new laws.

"We have had several discussions with the Home Ministry and other states on what the best practices are to move forward. There are many aspects to this. Yesterday, we had a panel discussion on this and discussed various aspects of it," said the official.

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Published On: Jun 29, 2024