Meghalaya: Global delegation from from 13 countries explores state's rubber nursery

Meghalaya: Global delegation from from 13 countries explores state's rubber nursery

A delegation from 13 countries visited Meghalaya's rubber nursery to understand its cultivation practices and potential impact on the state's economy. The visit underlined the international interest in Meghalaya's rubber industry.

  Meghalaya: Global delegation from from 13 countries explores state's rubber nursery Meghalaya: Global delegation from from 13 countries explores state's rubber nursery

In a significant step towards reducing India's reliance on foreign countries for natural rubber production, 22 delegates from 13 countries affiliated with The Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC) embarked on a visit to a sprawling rubber nursery in Meghalaya. This initiative is part of the Indian government's efforts to promote domestic rubber cultivation, and it has unveiled several attractive schemes and subsidies to incentivize rubber farming, particularly in the North Eastern states.

Omega Green Solutions, a pioneering organization in the rubber industry, has contributed significantly to this endeavor. It has established an expansive rubber nursery in the Jirang area, nestled within the East-West Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, along the border with Kamrup district in Assam. By creating such nurseries, the organization has not only bolstered rubber production but also provided valuable employment opportunities to the youth in the region. Omega Green Solutions has previously set up large rubber seedling nurseries in Kamrup and Goalpara districts, further contributing to the rubber production surge in the North East.

The international delegation, consisting of representatives from 13 countries including Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, and Côte d'Ivoire, arrived in Meghalaya with a warm welcome from the local communities and the people of Assam. The delegation visited the rubber seedling production site located on the Assam border, encompassing 40 acres of land in Umtru of Jirang assembly constituency in the newly formed Eastern West Khasi district.

The delegation held a meeting in a temporary auditorium adjacent to the rubber seedling production site. M Vasanthageson, Assistant Director of Omega Green Solutions, facilitated the meeting, where the delegates were treated to captivating performances of Bihu, Rabha, and Mizo dances, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the North East.

ANRPC Chief Lam Chun Zuin led the international delegation, which included prominent members like To Heng Gwang, An Chovan, Khun Kakada, Chok Foching, Tiny Mi Melvin, Uni Harna Wati, Benyamin Rochli, Datu, and foreign tourists, including two doctors, Jairo Chani, Datu Zailani, Md Thal Ha, and Md Fard Jil. The Central Rubber Board's Deputy Commissioner for Rubber Production, VK Sakir, Director (Finance) Josh George, and other officials were also present during this informative program.

M Vasanthagesan, Executive Director of the Rubber Board, stated, "Today's program is primarily a field visit, following a rubber conference from October 9 to 12. India had the privilege to host the conference in conjunction with the G20 in Guwahati, Assam. This field visit serves as a showcase of our expertise, challenges, and knowledge to our fellow member countries. It fosters better collaboration among our countries."

Highlighting the enormous potential of the North East region in the rubber producing sector, he added, "This sector's growth will significantly enhance the socio-economic development of the region."

Edited By: Bikash Chetry
Published On: Oct 14, 2023