Want to visit Meghalaya? Here are the new COVID-19 protocols you need to follow

Want to visit Meghalaya? Here are the new COVID-19 protocols you need to follow

Meghalaya COVID-19 guideline Meghalaya COVID-19 guideline

SHILLONG: The Meghalaya government has released a fresh set of COVID-19 guidelines in view of the surge in COVID-19 cases across the country, said principal health secretary Sampath Kumar.

The new rules have made online registration mandatory for the tourists, on a portal operated at the state level by the government.

Apart from that, the tourists have to carry a COVID negative certificate along and have to undergo the test again at the state entry point if found any symptoms of COVID-19.

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Kumar also clarified that face masks are necessary for public places and asked people to maintain social distance and practice hand sanitization.

Home quarantine of a week is also mandatory for international tourists regardless of test results.

All other entrants are asked to monitor their health for 10 days after entering Meghalaya as well. In case of any unusual development or COVID-19 symptoms, they have to inform the state administration.

As many as 10 states/UT have not registered any news of death over the past 24 hours and Meghalaya is one of them.

The state on Saturday, however, registered 39 more positive cases which have taken the state tally to 202 currently.

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Edited By: Devabrata Dutta
Published On: Apr 11, 2021