Meghalaya: Reservation policy affected performance of NPP in LS polls, says Rajya Sabha MP

Meghalaya: Reservation policy affected performance of NPP in LS polls, says Rajya Sabha MP

Rajya Sabha MP from Meghalaya, W R Kharlukhi, has highlighted that the state reservation policy was a key factor in the National People’s Party's performance in the Lok Sabha elections. He dismissed the notion that BJP's support influenced the party's results.


Rajya Sabha MP from Meghalaya, W R Kharlukhi has claimed that issues related to state reservation policy affected the performance of the National People’s Party (NPP) in the Lok Sabha polls, ruling out the reason being the Bharatiya Janata Party’s support to NPP.

Speaking to reporters on June 20, Kharlukhi said that it is better for a party to lose an election for the sake of unity of the state, pointing that it is a bad sign for the state if elections are won because of a hunger strike demanding review of the job reservation policy.

Kharlukhi said that NPP was faced with a pro-Voice of the People Party (VPP) wave in the Khasi-Jaintia Hills region and a pro-Congress wave in the Garo Hills region during the Lok Sabha polls.

“In both waves, we lost because of the state reservation policy. This side (Khasi-Jaintia Hills), they want a review, they look at us as we are anti (and) that side (Garo Hills), they don’t want a review and they look at the Chief Minister as who is catering to the need of Khasi Hills,” he said.

Furthermore, he added, “But I really appreciate CM Conrad K Sangma as there are times in politics for the sake of unity of the state, it is better that we lose election but as a statesman, you have to decide what is right.”

“At the height of that agitation what CM has to do, he has to convene a meeting and he has to agree to review because in his seeing that yes this is the only way out and I think it hit him that side and it hit us this side,” he said.

Kharlukhi further added, “If this election is won for clean politics, it is good. I am talking about this side (Khasi Jaintia Hills), I am not talking about that side (Garo Hills). But if the election is won because of the hunger strike to review the reservation policy, I will tell you it is a bad sign and don’t worry at all as all of us will be reaping the harvest and I think we will still be living to see the harvest of this. This is my observation. Clean politics, I think it is high time that people should not take money in the election it is very good but if it is the other way round it is a bad sign for the state.”

The Rajya Sabha MP said that as per his assessment, the NPP has not lost the election because of BJP’s decision to extend its full support to the party.

“My assessment is not that because BJP supported us. I don’t believe that. Why I said that is because in 2016 not only that BJP supported us even the present tribal affairs minister was campaigning with me and CM won nearly 2 lakh and he broke the record in Garo Hills,” he said.

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Published On: Jun 21, 2024