Meghalaya: Tura activist files complaint against NPP member for mocking PwD for political purposes

Meghalaya: Tura activist files complaint against NPP member for mocking PwD for political purposes

A complaint has been lodged against Kritenbirth R. Marak, a member of the National People’s Party (NPP), accusing him of exploiting and mocking a differently-abled person for political purposes. The incident is said to have violated legal rights of differently-abled individuals under the RPWD Act.


Social activist Jaynie Ningring N Sangma has filed a complaint against NPP member Kritenbirth R. Marak for exploiting and mocking a differently-abled person.

Sangma lodged the complaint at Tura Police Station in West Garo Hills on April 22.

In the complaint, the activist denounced Kritenbirth R. Marak for his reprehensible actions involving a differently-abled person named Milam N Sangma. She stated that the politician coerced him into wearing a scarf of the National People’s Party (NPP) and manipulated him into participating in a video without his informed consent.

According to the complaint, the circulating video tends to demean and disrespect the dignity of the individual for political purposes.

The complaint also refers to Section 7 (2) of the RPWD Act, which states that any person who believes an act of abuse, violence, or exploitation has been committed against a person with a disability may report such incidents. It adds that such behavior potentially violates the legal rights of differently-abled individuals.

Speaking to India Today NE, Jaynie Ningring N Sangma, who voluntarily assists people and does not own any specific organization, informed that she has been assisting Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) who have been facing discrimination and exploitation in their workplaces as well as their homes. She said, “I receive many complaints from PWDs. It disheartened me to a great extent when somebody sent me the video of how my cousin (Milam N Sangma) was exploited by a party worker (Kritenbirth R. Marak) just for their political mileage, and I took up this issue very seriously. A specially-abled person should never be mocked for political mileage or personal benefit.”

Sangma believes that injustice faced by people who are unable to raise their voices should be addressed.

She expects the authorities of the Election Commission of India to take stern action on this case, further adding, “I believe every person with disabilities is a God-given gift and should receive equal justice and rights. Every political leader of our country should educate their workers on how to treat these specially-abled people in the future and should not exploit them in the near future.”

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Published On: Apr 23, 2024