3 killed in landslide in Mizoram's Khantlang

3 killed in landslide in Mizoram's Khantlang

A devastating landslide in Khantlang, Mamit District, Mizoram, resulted in the deaths of three individuals, including a lineman and his family members. Despite immediate rescue efforts, heavy rain and ongoing landslides hampered the search, with bodies recovered this morning.

Mizoram Landslide: Three Dead, Ongoing Rescue Efforts Mizoram Landslide: Three Dead, Ongoing Rescue Efforts

A tragic landslide triggered by a heavy downpour around 10 PM last night claimed the lives of three individuals in Khantlang, Mamit District, Mizoram. The landslide buried a house, resulting in the deaths of Dangu Sanjiv Chakma, a lineman in the electricity department, and two of his family members.


Despite immediate search efforts by the local community, the relentless rain and ongoing landslide severely hindered rescue attempts. Early this morning, a local NGO and youth volunteers joined forces, conducting a thorough search operation. Their efforts led to the recovery of the bodies from the riverside, concluding the tragic incident.


The victims of the landslide have been identified as Sanjiv Chakma (36), the house owner and lineman in the electricity department; Krippa Mala Chakma (10), daughter of Sanjiv Chakma; and Samo Lokki (12), daughter of Sanjoy Chakma. The community is mourning the loss of these lives, highlighting the devastating impact of the natural disaster.


In addition to the fatalities, two individuals were injured in the incident. Monju Rani Chakma, the wife of Sanjiv Chakma, and Ador Mala Chakma, his daughter, sustained injuries and are receiving medical attention. The local authorities and emergency services are on high alert, addressing the ongoing threat of further landslides and providing support to affected families.

Edited By: Krishna Medhi
Published On: Jun 12, 2024