Mizoram: 15 bodies recovered from Melthum quarry, 4 missing in Aizawl landslides

Mizoram: 15 bodies recovered from Melthum quarry, 4 missing in Aizawl landslides

Cyclone Remal has severely impacted Aizawl district, resulting in landslides and the death of 28 individuals. Authorities are conducting search and rescue operations while urging residents to stay cautious.

Story highlights
  • Cyclone Remal leads to 28 deaths and multiple landslides in Aizawl district
  • 127 houses destroyed, with significant damage in Melthum, Hlimen, and other areas
  • Ongoing search and rescue operations with several individuals still missing

The aftermath of Cyclone Remal has brought devastating consequences to the Aizawl district, with multiple landslides wreaking havoc and claiming the lives of 28 individuals. According to Aizawl Superintendent of Police, Rahool Alwal, 15 bodies have been recovered from the Melthum quarry, while four individuals remain missing and two have been successfully rescued.

The distribution of casualties across various locations within the district has been reported. Melthum has the highest number of deceased with 15, followed by Hlimen with 6. Salem reported 3 deceased, Falkawn 2, while Kelsih and Lungsei each reported 1 deceased.

The recovery of these bodies brings the total number of confirmed casualties to 28, highlighting the severity of the landslides that swept through the region.

The impact of Cyclone Remal on Aizawl has been profound, leading to widespread destruction and displacement. The cyclone's heavy rains, floods, and subsequent landslides have left a trail of devastation, resulting in the destruction of 127 houses. Government officials have reported that 46 houses are partially damaged, 28 are fully damaged, and 53 have suffered severe damage.

The affected areas within Aizawl District encompass Melthum, Hlimen, Phulpui, Aibawk, Salem veng, Chawnpui veng, Kelsih, Falkawn, Sumsuih, Lungsei, Sairang, and Sairang Dinthar. Of particular concern are Sairang and Sairang Dinthar, where residents were evacuated due to the escalating waters of the River Tlawng. Officials noted that the river's level surpassed the previous record set in 2017 by over a meter, underscoring the unprecedented nature of the disaster.

In the aftermath of the tragic landslides in Mizoram's Aizawl district, the list of deceased individuals includes Lalduhthlanga, Baby Zoremsiami, Gloria MS.Dawngliani, Dorothy Lalruatkimi, Abel Lalmalsawma, Freddie Thangtluanga, Lalremtluanga, Lalduhawmi, Lalhlimpuii, R. Lalmuanzova, C Lalnunsiami, Beetu Masijit, Sanjay Rai, Dilip Manji, and Guvaneshwar Choudary from Melthum. From Hlimen, the deceased are identified as H.Lalrinmawia, Lalramthangi, Pradeep Rai, Gautam Kumar, Nepal Dehari, and Santosh Manjhi. Confirmed missing individuals include Deborah Lallawmawmi, Lalthakima, Lalvenhima, and Ramdinsanga from Hlimen. 

Among those rescued are Clair Zoremmawii and Sumit Ray from Melthum. 

Additionally, 2 bodies remain unrecovered in Aibawk, namely Matthew Lalchhanhima and Vanlalruali. These tragic losses highlight the immense toll taken by the landslides in various areas of Aizawl district, affecting families and communities profoundly.

Authorities are actively engaged in search and rescue operations, with efforts focused on locating the missing individuals and providing assistance to those affected by the calamity. The community is urged to exercise caution and vigilance as the region navigates through this challenging period of recovery and rebuilding.

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Published On: May 30, 2024