Mizoram: Aizawl Zoo staff confirms escaped bear still alive

Mizoram: Aizawl Zoo staff confirms escaped bear still alive

A bear that escaped from Aizawl Zoological Park on April 1 has been confirmed alive and sighted near the zoo premises. Zoo officials are intensifying search operations using thermal drones and trackers to capture the bear.


The Director and staff of the Aizawl Zoological Park have confirmed that the bear which escaped from its enclosure on April 1 is alive and has been sighted in the vicinity of the zoo premises. 

After the bear escaped the enclosure, officials from the zoo launched a massive search party. 

Upon receiving reports of its sighting, they would follow the bear with trap cages and trackers in an attempt to tranquilise it, however, the attempts failed.

In the last few days, the zoo staff tracked the escaped bear using a thermal drone with night vision, and also captured its image. The staff is certain that the bear’s location is just outside of the zoo compound. 

On June 21 night, the staff also confirmed that the bear was feeding on several ripe jackfruits inside the zoo. They also found several scratch marks on the trees.

It is worth mentioning that the Aizawl Zoological Park on April 1, 2024 was alerted when one of the bears escaped from its enclosure. 

According to the Director of Aizawl Zoological Park, PC Laltanpuia, the massive wind in the early hours of April 1 morning led to the uprooting of a tree that fell inside the bears' enclosure, and one of the bears from the enclosure had escaped when it climbed out through the fallen tree trunk.

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: Jun 22, 2024