Mizoram Cabinet approves key policy drafts, aim to regularize central scheme employees

Mizoram Cabinet approves key policy drafts, aim to regularize central scheme employees

The Mizoram Council of Ministers met to discuss and approve significant agendas for state governance and public welfare. Key approvals included the regularisation of CSS employees and the promotion of sustainable transportation.

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  • Mizoram Council of Ministers approves key governance proposals
  • Regularisation of CSS employees and sustainable transport promoted
  • Relief actions for Cyclone Remal destruction to continue

The Council of Ministers in Mizoram convened on Thursday at the Chief Minister’s Office Cabinet Room to discuss and approve various significant agendas. The meeting resulted in the passing of several important drafts and proposals aimed at improving governance and public welfare in the state.

One of the key approvals was the draft of the "Government of Mizoram Regularization of Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS) Employees Scheme, 2024," which was presented by the Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms (DP&AR). This scheme aimed to regularize employees working under centrally sponsored schemes.

In a move to curb malpractices within government services, the Council approved actions against the illegal practice of engagement of proxies or substitutes by government servants, also brought forth by DP&AR.

The Finance Department saw the passage of several proposals, including the fixation of a lower limit at the time of floating tenders or bid invitations, the enhancement of the rifle allowance from Rs. 40 per month to Rs. 100 per month, and the establishment of a common pool of registered firms to be utilized by all engineering and similar departments.

The draft Mizoram Electric Vehicle Policy, 2024, was approved in principle by the Transport Department, marking a significant step towards promoting sustainable transportation in the state.

Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation (UD&PA) presented several drafts related to municipal regulations in Lunglei, including the "Lunglei Municipal Council (Control of Parking and Collection of Parking Fees) Regulations, 2024," the "Lunglei Municipal Council Licensing Regulations, 2024," and the "Lunglei Municipal Council Display Advertisement & Hoarding Regulation, 2024."

The Public Works Department (PWD) proposed amendments to the rules for the establishment of contractors in Mizoram, including the insertion of enlistment for Class V contractors, which was distributed and approved during the meeting.

The Finance Department also proposed amendments to the Mizoram Ceiling on Government Guarantees Act, 2011, and the Mizoram Ceiling on Government Guarantees Rules, 2013, by introducing the "Mizoram Ceiling on Government Guarantees (Amendment) Bill, 2024," which was approved.

Revisions were also made to the status, honorarium, and other entitlements of chairmen of various public sector enterprises and boards under the Commerce & Industries Department, Government of Mizoram, including ZIDCO Ltd., MIFCO Ltd., ZOHANDCO Ltd., MAMCO Ltd., and MKVI Board.

The Social Welfare, Tribal Affairs, and Women & Child Development (SWTAWCD) department proposed the adoption of the Scheduled Tribes & Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006, which was accepted.

The Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs (FCS&CA) department proposed amendments to the Mizoram Consumer Protection (Salary, Allowances, and Condition of Service to the President and Members of the State Commission and District Commission) Rules, 2021, which were approved.

The Labour, Employment, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (LESDE) department presented a proposal for the entitlement and status of the Chairman of the Mizoram Youth Commission, which was accepted.

The Law & Judiciary department proposed the adoption of the Bharatiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita (No. 46 of 2023), which was also approved.

Additionally, the Disaster Management and Rehabilitation department made a presentation on the destruction caused by Cyclone Remal. The Council concluded that all necessary relief actions would continue to mitigate the impact on affected communities.

The meeting concluded with a commitment to implement these decisions promptly, aiming to enhance the administrative efficiency and overall development of Mizoram.

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Published On: Jun 06, 2024