Mizoram: Cyclone Remal causes devastation in Aizawl, damage report revealed

Mizoram: Cyclone Remal causes devastation in Aizawl, damage report revealed

Cyclone Remal has caused extensive damage in Aizawl district, Mizoram, with 127 houses destroyed and 10 fatalities reported. Rescue efforts are ongoing as seven individuals remain missing and 163 residents have been relocated for safety.

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  • 127 houses destroyed, 10 fatalities reported
  • 163 residents evacuated due to rising waters
  • 56 individuals buried under landslides, 29 bodies recovered

Aizawl district in Mizoram has faced widespread destruction as Cyclone Remal unleashed heavy rains, floods, and massive landslides, destroying 127 houses. Government officials have reported that 46 houses are partially damaged, 28 are fully damaged, and 53 have suffered severe damage.

The affected areas within Aizawl District include Melthum, Hlimen, Phulpui, Aibawk, Salem veng, Chawnpui veng, Kelsih, Falkawn, Sumsuih, Lungsei, Sairang, and Sairang Dinthar. Particularly alarming is the situation in Sairang and Sairang Dinthar, where residents were evacuated due to the rising waters of the River Tlawng. Officials noted that the river's level surpassed the previous record set in 2017 by over a meter.

In response to the crisis, 163 residents have been relocated from their homes for safety reasons. Tragically, 56 individuals were buried under landslides, resulting in 10 fatalities. Rescue efforts have led to the recovery of 29 bodies so far, but seven individuals remain missing.

The damage caused by Cyclone Remal underscores the urgent need for relief efforts and assistance to the affected communities in the Aizawl district.

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Published On: May 29, 2024